Marritot Bonvoy

Name of Complainant Priya
Date of ComplaintSeptember 4, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Priya:

I would like to sue a complaint against the marriot bonvoy gambling game i
One day unexpectedly i got a message from an unknown number that asked me any interest for doing the oline work. Initially I said no then she said no problem you must do some hotel reservation and the company should pay for it. Without interested I said lets try and she given the link of whatsup and telegram. After that appeared an agent in the whatsup and said I am your agent and i will help you how to do the reservation booking. I started the booking after completed the 90 bookings she said now it is over you earned 8k and i felt very happy that without any investment got this much money.

The very next day they started the booking and me to unable to start. I contacted the customer care and they said you have to start by investing 10k negative amount and I said ok and invested the 10k started the first section of 30 booking. At the time of second section of 30 booking pop the window that i gained the grand booking and pay the negative amount of 24820. Immediately i asked my agent and she said that you have to deposit another amount of 24820 thereby you will reward the on hold amount of around Rs.36000.

It seems that they are forcing others to invest more and usually giving the returns mentioned in the system. But the problem is the normal people get into trouble when could not able to deposit the negative amount as they are saying that is generated by the system then all the amount will loose and keep silent.

So please beware about this scam to the publie and stop this illegal activitiy.

if any anyone can help me for return my money.. 10k

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