Kredit coin scam

Name of Complainant SUSHANT
Date of ComplaintJune 23, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by SUSHANT:

I have not applied or received any loan from the app named kredit coin yet I am getting messages and whatsapp messages like,”your repayment is due of the loan, repay it or we will contact your family”, and they are sending WhatsApp messages from different numbers and when I reply back that i don’t have any loan as such they won’t reply, also when I call the number the person says i didn’t send any WhatsApp message, this is some big scam. I request you please look into this they are literally harassing with different numbers.

Image Uploaded by SUSHANT:

5 thoughts on “Kredit coin scam

  1. I am also received same messages as i am not applied any loan from the kredit coin. they are sending messages and whatsapp messages.

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