Junior Fashion Week

Name of Complainant Neeraj Sethi
Date of ComplaintAugust 12, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Entertainment
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Text of Complaint by Neeraj Sethi:

This is in reference to my previous complain regarding the organization Junior Fashion Week. These guys have crossed all levels of harassment and are asking me to have the complaint removed from your website and then only they will refund my hard earned 17000/- I don’t really know if I am ever going to get the money back or not but would request if some one is reading this pls take strict action against them so other parents do or go through this. After sending them multiple reminders to refund my money all they could manage to do is send emails to money to have the post removed from the website so their reputation is not disturbed and they keep fooling innocent parents. I have seen posts from other parents too on your website from whom these guys have charged thousands of rupees and did render any services.

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7 thoughts on “Junior Fashion Week

  1. When I pointed out regarding Neeraj sethi’s complaint they told me that they refunded the amount to neeraj Sethi and he is happy now, the total team is lying only

    1. Hi, just like to know. The refund is requested because you want to opt out of the show or they didn’t conduct the show. Please let me know, this will help us to take decision on enrollment.

  2. I am also facing the same issue with this jfw team. They are not going to refund our hard earned money. We are planning to move to file a complaint in the court.

    1. If there is a way; few people can do it together. The lesson should be taught to them that they cannot play with hard earned money.

      1. Yes that’s a good idea, i complaint through www. cybercrime.gov.in site , now i am going through the process, cyber crime team saying the netbanking details they provided is fake.

  3. Team,
    Same thing is happening with me and I am logging a new complain. These guys have rescheduled their event more than 4 times in last several months and when I clearly said that I cannot take this reschedule and refund the money, then they started saying that they cannot refund. I believe this is a fraud company who is collecting the money over whatsapp and emails and then go away.

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