Fraud Money

Name of Complainant Suneetha
Date of ComplaintOctober 12, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Suneetha:

Once I got a number from Money old coins website about old coin buyers– +91 8439487702, +91 8573852652, I have sent him a message and he replied me to send the picture of coins. and then he sent a message about the cost—“Your coin and currency which you submitted in our company, has of coin ₹33,49,249 from our company, you should register for your own coin. Our registration charges are ₹ 2150/- After depositing, your payment will be cleared within 30min and Our company will visit you to collect coin within 48 to 78 hours only.

Send your documents” aadhar card, pan card, selfie photo and Bank account details” and sent me a registration form too. Then he sent me account details to pay Rs. 2,150/- . Then he called me to send GST charges of Rs. 12000/- to transfer the money . I said i don’t have. Then he said to talk to bank manager…..and someone spoke to me a manager as sbi , Uttar Pradesh and said me to pay the amount within 3 mins your payment transferred to your account. I paid 12,000/- after they said your NOC charges 18200/- i can’t pay for that amount i said, he is giving his aadhar card details and he said this is 100% Genuine and this is the last amount if again i am asking for money you have to give police complaint i shared my details trust me and you have to pay 18200/- your payment transferred within 5mins he said. I paid 18200/- again he is asking for State level government tax 21,925 i don’t have money and i can not trust you so can u please return back my amount i asked they said refund charges 8,150/- pay after your total amount 32,400/- refundable like that he said and cut the call. Seriously i have loose my amount 32,400/-. He gave his address —- Mahesh Bhakuni, S/O Jagat Singh, H.NO.64, NAVEEN PARK, GANESH KUNJ,RAJENDER NAGAR, SAHIBABAD, pasonda, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh-201005. UIDAI Number-783384890456. They are giving bank account Details NAME TINKU DOM A/C-0052200100003621 IFSC-PUNB0005220 PNB BANK.

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Fraud Money

One thought on “Fraud Money

  1. I got this msg from -91 7439907402

    Dear Customer Your total Coin which you submitted in our company, has been accepted in Our Company. For Sell in our company will give you The value of ₹ 14,42,570/- from our company. For First Time Selling Your Antique in Our Company you have to Take A Registration Code From Our Company Which will Generated By India Government. Our registration charges are 2250/- And It is Valid For 5 Years, After depositing your 50% payment will be cleared within 1 hours and Our company Team will visit you to collect coin within 72 hours and fund Your Dues Amount At The Same Time.
    Now Please Submit Your Documents For Verification.
    1. Aadhar Card
    2.Bank Account Details

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