Fraud by e-commerce company

Name of Complainant Santanu Kumar Sarmah
Date of ComplaintApril 25, 2021
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by Santanu Kumar Sarmah:

During April 2021, I received a parcel which, I was unable to remember when I did order but as I keep on ordering online, so I thought, might be I had ordered and forgot. So, I paid the COD amount of Rs. 1704. Upon opening the parcel I found that the parcel contained some very low quality used dress although on the cover of the parcel details of some other new dress was given. So, I telephoned the company, to take back the parcel and refund me my money. They assured me of refund and asked me my bank name and branch and upi id to transfer the money. Then I received a message from a mobile no. 7318870677 saying INDBPRDBNK Confidential. Don’t share if asked! with a code, which they asked me to forward to a mobile no. 9223750415. Upon forwarding, I received a message that my Indusind Bank UPI registration is successful and a Virtual Address for UPI has been created and that my account is successfully linked to the VPA. After this, I found that my bank account (which had about Rs. 2500) balance became zero. I quickly called my bank and blocked all kinds of UPI transaction in my account but the damage, although may be small for many, has been done.

Image Uploaded by Santanu Kumar Sarmah:

Fraud by e-commerce company

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4 thoughts on “Fraud by e-commerce company

  1. Exactly the same thing happened to me today. I got a bit suspicious so I did not forward it to this number (same number as mentioned). They could not fraud me but this is certainly a matter of concern. People need to be made aware of this.

  2. This incident also happened to me. I got calls from 7477865377 and 8016767188. They told me that I will receive a message and that message forward to a number 9223750415. I had doubted so I didn’t forward that message. They couldn’t fraud with me but it is a big problem. So people must aware of this kind of incident.

    1. pls don’t forward any of these message to them. these messages are sent by UPI apps for UPI account initiation, if you send them the code, their upi app would have your account linked and they could do frauds easily.

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