Fraud by Blint Consultancy

Name of Complainant Karnika Mohta
Date of ComplaintJune 30, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Karnika Mohta:

I am Radhika Mohta and I signed for this job. I got a call from Dev Kumar and he asked me for my ID proof. I sent him. He sent me a legal agreement. He said you will get a verification call and I did receive one. Ten minutes later I got my id and password. I started doing work from the assigned date and even completed on time.In my QC report I did 429 right and 61 wrong that is 87% accurate. I received a call if I want to correct the incorrect forms to get salary. I said yes. But then I got to know they are charging 13,000 so I dint pay. They called me at 5:25 pm on 29/6/2020 and told if I don’t pay registration fees by 6:00 pm it will go to legal department. I Got scared and decided to pay immidately. Now today on 30/6/2020 I got a call for noc payment that is 21,000 and the person calling said “if you can’t come to court do online and I will go as your fake witness but I will charge 5,000 extra.”. I said no. And this is all fraud now they are saying they will file a FIR and there will be legal proceeding and non- bailable jail. Help. Support if happened with you.

Image Uploaded by Karnika Mohta:

Fraud by Blint Consultancy

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