Fake XUV500 lucky draw offer from Flipkart

Name of Complainant Jevin Alex
Date of ComplaintJuly 3, 2019
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Jevin Alex:

Hi All,

Please be very careful when receiving suspicious messages or emails which mention that you have won something. I just had a similar experience today when I got a message from BT-Flipkart notifying me that I have won an XUV-500 in their lucky draw.

“Welcome To
Dear Customer, Congratulation!
You are the lucky Customer
1st prize, Mahindra XUV500
Two options for receiving your prize
2-Marketing Value
Help Center:- 917870149777”

As soon as I got this message , I searched online if this lucky draw was authentic and I came  across similar scams. This was quickly followed by a call from someone who was apparently calling from Flipkart Headquarters which he mentioned was from Mumbai. The number was ‭+91 85219 63966‬.This confirmed my suspicion as everyone knows that Flipkart’s headquarters are in Bangalore. He congratulated me for my good fortune and asked me to confirm on the call as to whether I would like to claim the SUV or cash. I quickly ended the conversation by  telling him that I knew that this is a scam and immediately cut the call.

While this might seems like an ill prepared operation what is truly alarming is that these people had accurate details of my recent purchase along with my contact details. That is the actual crime here where customers of Flipkart are being harassed by scam artists .

So as a long time customer of Flipkart I would urge the company to investigate this very serious and very criminal matter especially since sensitive customer information is being shared. Also it would seem that there might be involvement of either Flipkart’s employees or partner courier services.

Image Uploaded by Jevin Alex:

Fake XUV500 lucky draw offer from Flipkart

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