Fake shop site

Name of Complainant sandeep kharat
Date of ComplaintJanuary 14, 2021
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I have buy chair on 13th jan 21 from Flake shop but till now i have not received any confirmation or SMS from them. when I red many review on this website now I am very scared that my money will gone.Please let me know what should i do now.

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Fake shop site

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15 thoughts on “Fake shop site

      1. Same here. I booked an office chair. Today i do not see the webpage working. Let me know if you received any updates from them after you posted the message here.

  1. Even I ordered a chair on flakeshop through a AD on Facebook. The webpage looked quite genuine with feedback from other customers. I received a SMS saying they would text when it is ready to ship. But Today i see that their webpage doesn’t work! Not sure if we have been tricked here. I went ahead thinking Facebook would have some check on whereabouts on who posts an AD.. Fingers crossed at the point.

  2. Chargeback form

    You can try by raising a chargeback with your bank providing the following details:

    – Merchant Name: ​FLAN SHOP, Transaction Amount: ₹,
    – Transaction Date: XXth xx, 20xx.
    – A copy of your debit statement which includes details of this particular transaction.
    – Fill the chargeback form provided by your bank.

    The bank should be able to assist you in retrieving your money in most cases, so please try to get in touch with your bank if you think that your hard-earned money is valuable even if it’s small.

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