Excess amount added in electricity bill

Name of Complainant Venkatesh
Date of ComplaintAugust 3, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Electricity
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Text of Complaint by Venkatesh:

I’ve got an excess charge on the electricity bill for the month of June-2020.

RR number : S11AL64588

Account ID : 2074517679

Bill Number : 113725207020178

As per the bill the total reading was 664 Units but the actual meter reading was 14.6 units.

I’ve reported this issue to BESCOM support. Even after numerous reminders(14) I’ve got no response from them and this issue didn’t get rectified. For the month of July-2020 issue still persists and BESCOM is demanding to pay the fine amount along with it. This is an Injustice for a consumer due to lethargic behavior from the BESCOM.

I’m attaching the copy of bill. Request to get this rectified.

Image Uploaded by Venkatesh:

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