Deloan loan app

Name of Complainant Oyenike Oyelere
Date of ComplaintMay 8, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against , ,
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Oyenike Oyelere:

I made payment on my repayment date and 2 of their agents kept threatening and harassing me that they’ll message all my contacts about me being a fraudster whereas I didn’t breach our agreement. This is very annoying and unacceptable.

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Deloan loan app

10 thoughts on “Deloan loan app

  1. Deloan is a very useless app with criminal staff. They have no physical address and not on google play store. Their staff will call and pet you to take loan whereas on the due date, they will send bad messages to all your contacts about you. Thats what they did to me today 08/07/2022.
    They are cyber crime experts and need to be barnished by Nigerian Government.

  2. Yes deloan ia a very useless Apps in world I call for Nigeria government to dismissed them, I collected a loan of 10,000 I repay 14,200 on Saturday 30/7/2022, they started send message to my contact that I am wanted I am fruid I am take them to court they distress me without my due date, than they distress my religions.

  3. This is actually happening to me now …. Today is the due date and they’re telling me 1st 40 of my contact with see my message with fraudster, 2nd bash will be me having HIV/Aids and 3batch will be obituary of me

  4. Deloan is a useless loan company. I was declared wanted on my due date. I collected #12,000 from them paid #17,460. D funniest part of it is dat one of their staffs called me on my small phone to repay and I told him I will do dat immediately I charge my Android phone. Unfortunately before charging my phone I have been declared wanted.

  5. In my own case, i will chose DELOAN over and over again. I have tried many loan apps of which all are useless. On my due date, I pay my money even before they call me and that really helped me stay away from all of these your experiences. Well, i advice you do the same henceforth.

  6. I want to made a complain that Deloan through their workers are sending Whatsapp vmessage to me that they will publish my details to the public as ritualist, kidnapper, murder, thief just because of exhabitant interest that am unable to pay them and the worker number is 07045928225. The general public please 🙏 come to my rescue from this useless loan company.

  7. Deloan posted my picture and information as a criminal to my contact which affected my job. At the moment, no Job and no money to clear the loan for now. I have faced hell because of deloan company.

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