Complain for stop Skill-Lync Course

Name of Complainant Bikram Adak
Date of ComplaintMarch 23, 2023
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Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Bikram Adak:

Due to surge in unemployment, these institutions are making tones of money by fooling people. I applied for Master’s certification course in ‘PG High Rise Building’.
The course cost was dramatically very huge and I fall into their false statements. The problems I faced with skill-Lync are:
· I was given assurance that I will be provided with a course counsellor, but this counsellor only talk to me when it wanted the money and after that it starts ignoring me whenever I needed help.
· I was given assurance that I will be provided with an Industrial expert who are nothing but B.Tech. Final year pass-outs they have no exposure to industries, don’t know about industrial standards.
· The Skill-Lync claims to have content of course as per the industry needs, but in reality its course content is not up to mark and even it is not closer to 10% of the industrial standards being followed.
· The course assignments are not related to any industrial applications.
· They sell only recorded video tutorials which have not been updated since a long period of time. The whole course content is available in public domain, so why should someone pay that huge amount for a thing which can be learned from various free sources and MOOCs.
· The Skill-Lync just want your money and nothing, it will not talk to you when you are facing problems with the course content and other related things.
· The company is standing on the pillars of lies and lies only.
· Skill-Lync claims to provide the placements but in reality the students got placed on themselves in those companies.
· I had taken this course using a Loan EMI of 1,35000 INR, in which I paid 8 EMIs and then I realized that I have been scammed by the company Skill-Lync.
· After seeing much unprofessionalism from this company Skill-Lync, I wanted my money to be returned back but this company Is taking dramatically more time to refund my amount.
Any big officials of this company is not taking me seriously on my stand of taking refund that’s why I am writing this.

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Complain for stop Skill-Lync Course

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