Cheating by Airtel on ONE AIRTEL PLAN

Name of Complainant Anand P V
Date of ComplaintJune 30, 2020
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Anand P V:

This is regarding a complaint that I want to register, for Airtel not fulfilling their commitment which was promised. Most of my conversation happened with Mr. Senthil (Area Manager) on his mobile number,9600199111. I was told about “One Airtel” plan, to link two postpaid connections of mine, to Broadband. Since I needed a broadband, based on my query, I was offered this plan of Rs.1399, where my two postpaid connections will be linked to broadband, and I will get 500 GB of Internet data, at 100 MBPS. This started more than a month ago. A technician by name Palani came and did the installation. Document procedures were completed by Mr. Satheesh(9597777138). Mr. Senthil let me know that his staff will call me over phone, and all linking formalities will be done via OTP generation. Since only back and forth calls were happening for a month, and my independent broadband bill got generated for Rs.923, I had to visit¬†Chromepet GST road branch. I met Mr. Dinesh in the store and sought his support. He visited my house, did the porting of one of my number, and then changed my primary number from Corporate to Retail, and did the linking to broadband.
Now please understand that more than a month had passed by, between my calls to Mr. Senthil,documentation,modem installation, and the actual linking. Now after linking and activation, I get the surprise of my life, when I check Airtel Thanks App, which says that my plan is Rs.1499, and the internet data is only 300 GB. When I check with Mr. Senthil and Mr. Dinesh, I am told that the plan of Rs.1399 has been discontinued and I can only be a part of Rs.1499. This means that I pay Rs.100 Plus GST more, and I get a downgraded plan of 200 GB, because Airtel has decided to change their plan post June 10th 2020. But you see, one entire billing cycle has gone by, and a bill got generated in between.
Now Mr. Senthil gives me only one option. No change in plan or upgradation or any waiver, and he cannot do anything about it. And on top of it, he has the tenacity to ask me to go ahead with cancellation. He humiliates me, by saying that he will pay that broadband bill, and accepts his fault on the time taken for migration. When I say that broadband is important to me now, as there are video classes going on for school at my home, and about Airtel posts right opposite my compound, he sarcastically says that he will ensure that those posts are removed from my street, and I can go hunting for another service provider. He adds that he did a service to me, by paying Rs. 398 for one of the postpaid connections, for the MNP to be done for that number, and he speaks in a tone that I went begging to him to pay my bills. A customer treated so badly, commitment not kept, customer being asked to cancel the connection, and no other suitable solution given. He also finishes off the conversation asking me to NEVER call his number henceforth. What is my fault here? To go to Airtel for a new broadband connection. That’s the only fault from my side. Very poor customer service from an area manager. Pathetic, to say the least.
I need Airtel to either upgrade my internet data that was promised to me more than a month ago, which is 500 GB. Or do a Rs.1399 plan like what was promised, with 500 GB and 100 MBPS, along with MY two postpaid mobile connections, which is part of the plan. Or give me a permanent waiver on my future bills, based on the 200 GB of data that was downgraded. Why should I be penalized just because Airtel decides to change their plan after one month of my application processing? Or because a hot-headed Area Manager decides to cancel my connection, for his delay in migration. Either he should not have taken it upon himself on the migration, without knowing the practical difficulties, or he should abide by his word, on the plan that he committed. As a customer, I have been cheated, and my purpose has also not been solved. I need the best escalation possible on this case, and need a suitable solution. No lame excuses please. I have taken more pains in the last one month, to get this linked and activated, and I need some justice for the time and energy and money spent by me.
Primary Postpaid number – 9791125516
Child Number – 9840956685
DSL number – 044101179776_tn
Broadband linked number – 044 43510571
Hope the above details are enough, to trace my case.
Anand P V

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Cheating by Airtel on ONE AIRTEL PLAN

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