How To File Complaints about high electricity bills?

If you have a grievance about high electricity bills and would like to file a complaint, you can do so using the procedure outlined here.

There has been a steep increase in complaints relating to inflated power bill complaints.


Electricity Bill Complaints

The grievance of the electricity consumers in the suburbs of Mumbai is that there is “over-billing” by Adani Electricity and the meters are defective.

A consumer complained that his power bill amount was 90% more.

I get a monthly bill of around Rs 1,700 and in some months, it escalates to Rs 2,500. But the recent bill was Rs 3,230,” the consumer lamented.

The complaints have arisen after the transfer of power distribution in Mumbai from Reliance Infra to Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd (AEML).

Bills are being sent to consumers by Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd.

Several consumers, complaining that bills were inflated and calculated without taking meter readings, took to Twitter.

A Bandra resident said that her first bill from Adani was almost twice as much as her earlier bills. “My bill was sent without any meter reading. I don’t know how they calculated the bill amount,” she said.

Billing is as per MERC’s tariff order

Adani Electricity claimed that the billing is strictly in line with MERC’s tariff order and is not excessive.

It was explained that electricity consumption increases in October after withdrawal of monsoon, due to increasing temperatures and humidity. Residential slab rates are applied telescopically; when consumption increases, higher units fall under progressively higher slab rates.

Due to this, increase in bill amount with increase in units is non-linear, that is bills increase significantly as more and more units fall into higher slabs.

It was also clarified that increased consumption (units) combined with tariff rates approved by MERC have increased the bill amount. This is a natural phenomenon and is repeated every year.

It was also stated that Adani Electricity or any distribution licensee, cannot charge any tariff other than that approved by MERC.

Complain about high electricity bill


Complaints to customer care center

Complaints to Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd about high billing/ excessive billing can be filed as follows:

Complaints by email:

Complaints by 24×7 helpline number: 19122

Mistake in reading electricity meters

Officials from Adani Electricity candidly admitted that meter readings were not done as some employees had been on strike over their issues with Reliance Infra.

An AEML spokesperson said, “Due to internal agitation by employees over their past issues, certain meters couldn’t be read accordingly.

As per MERC guidelines, we generated estimated bills based on last three months average consumption. If any customer has paid the bill with extra units on account of the same, it will be adjusted in next month’s bill, based on actual readings. Customer can send us photograph of their current meter reading to get revised bills.

Maharashtra Chief Minister directs energy minister to look into complaints of inflated electricity bill

4 thoughts on “How To File Complaints about high electricity bills?

  1. We have checked your account NO. 102482040 details, your current Feb month bill amount is Rs. 1670
    Also, we have checked your one year consumption history, your highest bill amount was Rs. 2410 in the month of Mar-19.

    Please Check In the Meter Box Urgenltly Baisc. Sir ,

    Thanks & Regards
    Deepa Chinchole

  2. I am getting a very excess bill that is above 2000 since past 2months
    the bill appears to be inflated as I know for certain that our consumption of electricity is not so high our all previous bills were between 500 to 800
    I request you to please look over meter no. 7381504 this matter.

  3. I am getting excess bill since month of July and on September end adani team changed my meter and said since July your bill is being generated on Average basis, infact I travelling in july and August so was hardly at home…on what basis did adani average my account 151805042

  4. Huge Electricity Bill
    Dear Sir,
    I am, Durga Devi, I am illiterate. I earn my livelihood by cleaning utensils in other houses.
    I have a legal electricity connection in my one room ,kutcha house, for which I pay monthly bill.
    Account : 5601714190 (Shakti Bhawan, UEDSD DPH,UP,UEDD VII-, Counter no: 41431701
    I am getting the same bill ( about Rs. 2300/00 P.M.) as I was getting in summer ( when Cooler was used).
    I am shocked to see that there is no change in my billing amount though I have stopped using Cooler ,and started depeneding only on minimum requirement . As the smart phone is installed
    we are getting the bill on mobile only through SMS.

    I paid Rs 2630 on 02/07/2019 vide reference receipt 560171491366
    RS 898 on 02/09/2019 vide reference receipt 560171482946
    RS 2230 on 04/10/2019 vide reference receipt 560171431466
    RS 2300 on 02/11/2019 vide reference receipt 560171436656
    I met the electricity officials in their office and requested them to look into my case.
    But seeing me illiterate, they sternly told me “ If you feel the bills are high then allow us to disconnect your connection”.
    I just wanted to find out, that there must be something wrong as the bills does not vary with
    the usage of consumption.
    I talked about my suffering with Smt. Jhumur Chhanda Roy Chaudhuri, in whose house also, I work as a maid. She assured me that, there is surely some mistake is going on and she promised to make a complain on my behalf to the electricity board and assured me that the things will soon be resolved. I also trust that it will soon be resolved.
    Thanking You.
    With regards.
    (The complain was written by Smt. Jhumur Chhand Roy Chaudhri (Mob, 9450360712)
    on behalf of Smt Durga Devi ( the sufferer)

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