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Name of Complainant Mohanbabu Jetti
Date of ComplaintJune 3, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Mohanbabu Jetti:

This is Mohanbabu, few months back, I searched for wfh(work from home). I got WhatsApp message from a person named ‘bala shanthi gandhi’. YUU mall looking for part time job, Are u interested likes that…I said yes, then they gave link before that they collected all my details, after that I click on the link, it opened telegram app, after that he said Yuu_mandy is my mender and trainer for help me how to do these tasks and work. He asked me pay ₹ 100 to activate your acct, once its activated you will get ₹ 60 first. after joining in our mall u will get ₹ 220 in your account. Latet that guy told me now onwords u follow my instructions. I proceeded like that only after paying ₹ 100 they sent 220 rs to my account even I withdraw it via PayTM.Then he instructed me just deposit ₹ 500 recharge through Gpay to our company account, so I followed his instructions. Then he gave some tasks to me to complete sone orders., The job nature is we have to deposit money to their random upi accounts, we have to finish their tasks. Here task means they will show products directly from merchants, we have to buy and sale to mall with rebate 20-30% .after that with the rebate cum remittance will added in their company account again they will show product, that to no options, how much cost they will show That much we have to buy with our balance amount in their company account definitely it will be more than account balance, so now product show no sufficient money, please recharge or top up or deposit money from our personal account to their company account. Like this process never end if we asked our money they are saying you finish all your 9 tasks and then u can withdraw your money. How many orders in each task I asked, they said 9 tasks each task has 3 missions, and each mission has 1-6 products. I have to finish all task it seems. otherwise I won’t get my money back. Till I spent Rs. 28973/-. They are saying still have to finish one more task with 3 orders. then how much money I have to spent.. They are taking our money by tranfer to their company account. After that, we can’t get our money back. Whenever I ask they are saying finish ur all tasks.. I fed up.. they are miss using our innocence , our need.. 100% Fraud. Please Don’t believe and don’t waste valuable Money and time.

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