Wrong product sent and not accepting the return

Name of Complainant Sheema Nousheen
Date of ComplaintApril 13, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Sheema Nousheen:

The seller has sent old saree instead of kurti set and it’s not being picked up because of product not matching etc the pick up person says. 2 times the pick up guy rejected to take the package. When they have sent a wrong product then I’ll return the wrong product sent only right how can I return the pic shown product. When I complained to customer service that person named azeem wasted 1 hour of mine on the call and he wasn’t helping me to resolve the issue he was just telling according to Meesho policy we can’t the product back. What policy is this went they can fraud the customer by sending wrong and dirty used torn products and they cannot take it back. Later I checked about the supplier details in the app itself and found out the same supplier has scammed almost lakhs of customers within a week. How can Meesho be unaware of what’s happening under their nose. How they keep such scammer suppliers? Are they also involved? I need my refund

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