Threatened calls for money

Name of Complainant Pittu Yasoda Krishna
Date of ComplaintApril 4, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Pittu Yasoda Krishna:

I recently received a text via WhatsApp about this part time dara entry job thing which promised to pay me a good amount of 24000 and after deduction of registration amount 6700 I would have received 17300 in hand. I’d paid 5000 and taken two of extension because of a complete black out in my area for which was promised refundable but have received no response regarding this amount. Also after submission I received the qc report which was said to be a fail and now an advocate threatens me to pay the compensation money for not paying the registration amount on time. I had contacted the helpline number soon after completing my work and got no response. and suddenly today morning the advocate reached out to me saying the company had filed case against me for no paying them the registration amount on time. If I wanted to have an out of court settlement I’d have to pay extra amount 1380 also with 6700 for no objection from the company, but I refused to pay the money.

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Threatened calls for money

4 thoughts on “Threatened calls for money

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Please don’t apply for a job on any website.

    This is a total scam, you don’t have to pay a single penny to them, they are scaring you because they scared you.

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