The company called virtual from enterprises.

Name of Complainant Sheela barzo
Date of ComplaintAugust 2, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Sheela barzo:

A Company called Virtual Form Enterprises has called me one day and they asked me r u looking for a job said yes so they rapidly asked my number of whatsapp and that boy keeps sending me the voice recording and the end he asked R U agree for this job i said yes and he told me that m going to get a call from our verification department and u just have to say say yes  .And then the very next days again an another  boy have called me for verification and he clearly asked me r u able to pay money or not ? how confident he was coz he already know that the problem will be created from their side. after all the verification drama has been completed  i have worked for 4 days and automatically the id has been blocked so gain i texted o the person who has asked me for whtsapp number he said contact to customer care he have sent me very random no which doesnt even look like customer care no. the number is given below of all the culprit:

So Called Technical Department (Riya Mehta): 7573824584

So called Hr executive who is going to connect through whatsapp:7069976414

so called verification department:7993474521

After 4 days a girl were keep calling me and saying we’re going to take a legal actions against you. these guys are really torturing to innocent people .Persons like us we dont want cops infront of our door .this is what the real problem starts with

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