Terrible service

Name of Complainant Ronald Higgins
Date of ComplaintMarch 15, 2019
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Ronald Higgins:

Dear Sir or Madame,


I want to report the terrible service I’ve had trying to get an Airtel Dongle from your company.

I’be been given wrong information so I’ve had to make pointless phone calls.

Yesterday one of your team had me on the phone for over an hour, refused to let me speak to a manager and then cut me off and disconnected the call.

Now I’ve returned to the original store where I purchased this service and I have to start again.

I’ve currently been sat here for over and hour, while your staff have decided to help easier customers and speak to each other. This has all been while I’ve been sat in a chair being served by a customer assistant.

They have the audacity to ask me if I want to change my prepaid SIM card to a postpaid!!!

After this service I don’t think I will bother with yourselves again for anything else.

I would like a reply to this compliant with the steps you are going to take on what I have reported about a general lack of customer service from your team in store or on the phone.

I think the least you can do is give me some free data for my dongle.

I await your reply,


Ronald Higgins

Image Uploaded by Ronald Higgins:

Terrible service

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