Telegram Scam by Trading in NYSE through Performics Company

Name of Complainant Ravi Krishna
Date of ComplaintSeptember 4, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Ravi Krishna:

Telegram Scam
1648 Global Workgroup Created by Swetha Rai for about 300 Members
they are telling to watch Youtube Videos based on their link and for each video like and subscribe there are giving 50/-
they are conducting Welfare Task in which if you invest some money you will get bring returns after each welfare task, youtube video price will increase from 50/- to 100/-.
they created one separate 5000 Team Task Group in that they added 4 Members and told we have perform 2-4 task for getting full amount refund and they told to create on id for NYSE Trading where our trading process will occur
first they told to invest 5000/- and 2 task they told invest 32000/- and 3 task they told to invest 98000/- and 4 task they told to invest 250000/- and final withdrawal task they told to invest 450000.
after they told your return amount crossed 1 million so you want to open large channel of 2 million for that you should pay amount of 524500/- which equals 2 million including refund amount.
after paying amount again they told to pay service tax of 299000/- for their company to process refund
after that they told to withdraw in NYSE account and they told NYSE asking for Tax Certificate for Virtual Amount for that i need to pay 25% of total refund amount of 2300000/- that means around 575000/- we need pay again for getting full refund amount and tax will be refund after 12 days.

i have invested total 17L and i didn’t get even a rupee from their side.

this is happening for more people like me who was looking to increase their income.

we request your support for regaining our loses.

i have all proofs of their telegram i’d and conversation history but unable to attach so many files.

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Telegram Scam by Trading in NYSE through Performics Company

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