Telegram fraud by MTcom leading cryptocurrancy exchange

Name of Complainant Ashish chaurasia
Date of ComplaintSeptember 24, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Ashish chaurasia:

Hii sir/mam, I am Ashish Chaurasia from MP. 29th of July Ananya Patel in telegram start chatting with me and offer to join do daily task and earn 50₹/task and daily 25tasks will share in group. I am doing job for survive and to support my family too. So i think if per day I will earn 1250₹ then it will support me for best to give some comfort to family and I will able to do good things for them. Ananya shared me link of Natasha kaushik who was my receptionist who will count my commission and help me to for withdrawal. She asked me some details like My bank account and email address, mobile no. Etc. I shared them coz in that account my commission/earning will credited. After her help i joined A010 digital net media telegram group and there mission daily basis start they are sharing link of YouTube channels I have to subscribe that YouTube channel and share that screenshot in group and to receptionist Natasha to add amount and clear EOD to my account. Natasha kaushik share us UPI and account details for payment what we have done as merchant task mission amount mentioned in Mission/Task message, all screenshots I have attached. After 2 mission 3rd was group task mission shared in which amount was started from 1000₹ to 1,50,000₹ …I have to choose any one option and under this 2-3 tasks given by merchant and we have to complete all task to withdraw with cashback. I earned around 32000₹ after completed 2 days with 3 tasks End of the day amount credited in my account after choosing 3000₹ task amount. This merchant task will instructed by a Mentor Mr. Hariom trapathi, which is introduced by Natasha Kaushik. Coz Mentor only can help to complete merchant tasks and share Us Withdraw code,that code will share to Natasha Kaushik for confirmation and after confirmed by Finance team that amount credits to our account. Now I am again start day with YouTube subscription and choose my 1st group task that day from 34000₹ in which I have pay and I don’t know about what is group task perfectly the meaning, rules terms and conditions to complete Group tasks …I asked to mentor Hariom Trapathi and To Natasha kaushik…they explained me, this is group task dear, u will earn more in it coz benifits amount is counted for all group members. In this group task totally 5-6 members were choosing by Mentor Hariom Trapathi and their team. I was very happy that I will earn today more than 10k for a day..but after payment done of 34000k the cashback amount will be 39000₹ but as per group task rules I have to complete again 3 more tasks for withdrawal and that 3tasks amount starting 1st day 99990, I take help of my friends and clear that payment, again My mentor Hariom Trapathi shared another task of amount 2.95lacs. I denied but after trying 2-3 days I take Personal loan as I am pvt. Company salary person so Axis bank give me PL option, after hard try i completed 3rd Group task with done payment to UPI/Account details of receivers shared by receptionist Natasha kaushik. 2.09lacs done by me and 30k helped by My mentor Hariom Trapathi. They told me u can return me after ur withdrawal. So I blindly trust them and they are very polite nature and very positively guide me for merchant tasks for me it is good behaviour person support me to complete my earnings with benefits..but I wasn’t aware I am trapping in their melody words and blindly trust them and investing my money after borrowing from others and from bank to. After completed 3rd again Mentor shared 4th task and said this is last task guys don’t wry. That task amount was 4.95lacs. I don’t money to complete that task. So i texted them I want to quit…what amount i have invested here pls return me I don’t want any benefits or profit…pls return my principal amount only sir…but they told me that u have to complete all tasks given by merchant then merchant will share Withdrawal Code and receptionist will help to withdraw and amount will credited in your account with profits. I denied but our 4-5 members Mr. Dheeraj Misha, dharmender rawat and Afreen Queen all are not participants, at last I got they are part of that Fraud group members. But that time I don’t caught it. They all are texting me to complete that task coz only cause of u we all lost our amount etc else… I tried and after 4-5 days I got Offer of Person loan by Axis bank of 4lacs ₹ and immediately I invested in that 4th task again Hariom Trapathi sir helped me 95k this time . I think now I will receive my withdraw with profits what is showing in shared screenshot of task amount also aside of it Natasha already adding my commission of that task and screenshot what I captured between……but again Mr. Hariom trapathi msg in group that something got wrong and merchant profit is not showing so to cover it u all have to complete 2 tasks …..I Balck out completely coz I borrowed already too much amount from banks and form friends. My mind got completely in depression. After discussion with mentor Hariom Trapathi, they convinced me don’t wry ur amount will credited in ur account after completion all tasks given by merchant. If u left between it u will lost all your amount and all amount will stuck in merchant account forever. After that they start remedy plan and shared 1st remedy task amount which was 2.55lacs ….I don’t have so i didn’t understand what to do now…but at evening I have got another Personal loan offer by Online Loan app Money view and suddenly I applied and investment done for remedy plan 1st task ..55k helped again by Mr. Hariom trapathi sir. After completed this Mr. Hariom shared last task amount screenshot of 6.95lacs…and ensured us that is last …..I don’t have money but after hard try i taken credit card loan and collect 1lacs and told to Hariom sir that I have only 1lacs this time, and Hariom sir helped me again of 5.50lacs to complete my tasks and this time I was paid only 1 lacs only. Now all tasks has been completed. Merchant shared us Withdrawn code. I shared that withdraw code to receptionist Natasha kaushik coz she is only person who settled my withdraw from finance team to my account. She confirmed from finance team replied me that u have to pay govt. Tax and company service charges to withdraw your 26,27,705₹ . This company rules that if withdraw amount is more than 10lacs u have to pay it in advance. I requested her to pls deduct that amount from my withdraw amount and pls settle remaining amount to my account but she denied to say that it is not possible u have to pay in advance first ashish. I again stuck coz alot of money I have borrowed from bank and online loan offers…EMIs of that amount is more than my salary now ….my mind says to me u have to withdraw to return borrower and to lenders… otherwise u will die. So again i tried to borrow 4.73lacs to pay tax and services charges to withdraw my all amount….but after hard tried I collected only 187k amount and Hariom sir paid again 2.26lacs and Natasha kaushik paid 60k for me …after today 23 September I have completed all payments form my side … last financial manager Mr. Dilip Kumar rejected my settlement withdraw amount only the reason behind that …… Hariom Trapathi and Natasha kaushik helped me to complete tasks…and as pér their company policy their employees are not eligible to participate ín merchant task mission or to help any participants financially.
So today i raised a complaint against MTcom and their employees and all group is Mr. Hariom trapathi, Ananya Patel, Natasha kaushik, Dheeraj Misha, Afreen Queen and Dilip Kumar. I know i am graduated and a cibil engineer, i aware from online fraud and always I suggest to friends hard work is only way to earn money coz that is permanent. Short way to earn money is never get us comfort. It get us always in trouble. But circumstances are that time I trapped and lost my all money here. My friend Nitin also get it but he asked me for it and I told Nitin about my incident 4days ago and he understands..but till the time he wasted his 80k money in this Fraud company/group.

Dear sir/mam, i am requesting to pls stop this online fraud/scam is happening in our Bharat. Inocent, needy and middle class earner , students are trapping in it and as I am now helpless and now if I bounced my EMIs then my cíbil will destroy me, no one give me job ….my salary is not enough to pay all EMIs what I have borrowed/loan from Online loan apps and from credit cards and from axis Bank.

All screenshots are attached for your kind reference…if it will help to you stop this Fraud company doing from Canada to India by telegram.

I know it is my mistake coz all transactions I do from my hand but it only done coz I trapped very badly and in this í tried not want to do but …I do all things and lost all my savings+borrowed amount completely lost..

My parents are not aware from it onlys 2 friend and 1 senior sir aware…. sorry what is did but if any chance to correct it I will try…now after lost all things I have to try to correct this As much as possible…coz all are depending on me I am the only earning person and this happened only coz give them a best life….I trapped coz I wished daily if I will earn 1250₹ then monthly I will start save more amount for my sister marriage too and give them best food to improve their healths also

But my extra and short earning mind lost all amount which now get me more trouble from the very next month 🙏💐 pls help if u can do sir/mam💐😞 this all was started since 29th July 2023 and end today 23september 2023. Between it I lost more than 12lacs amount and it will never back to me …..for a middle class boy in their complete life 12lacs amount is more than his Life……itni savings nhi kar payenge hum jitna waste kr diye Bina soche smjhe hum … pls help sir🙏💐

All payments I had done from Paytm only 😞

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