Skyscan working platform on cheating

Name of Complainant Vishnu Rawat
Date of ComplaintNovember 3, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Vishnu Rawat:

I have received a telegram link i have applied for work from home and thay give me some tasks i will complete the task I have completed my work then i withdraw money but this platform required withdrawal fees on 50% I don’t have no money to deposit please help me

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30 thoughts on “Skyscan working platform on cheating

      1. Different platforms but same scam…don’t think of doing anymore deposits. I am sharing my story.

        Hi, I am also a victim of Telegram Prepaid Task Scam. You will not get any help by updating here. Please lodge a Cyber Crime Complaint by either calling 1930 or on website and also in your city in cyber crime police station. I have done so. I lost 24,27,261 all money taken from Bank Loans/borrowed from family and selling gold Jewellery. At each stage they make you believe this is last step but come up with new reason for withdrawal failure. In order to save money I had invested I ended up investing more and more until at final stage again they asked for 10,00,000 these scammers are ruthless and not human. They keep asking for money and ask us to arrange from whatever means promising to return our money. But they don’t. Only after investing such a big amount did I see videos on YouTube of how they work. I am drown in debts with 2 children. It’s very surprising they are still active on telegram and keep making new groups showing people fake credit screenshot of payments being done. All in that group are these scammers and created different ID’S to gain our trust. Even the group task is done for the same reason. Of 2-4 people in group they have their people who join as us but ask to invest bigger amount or tell they have been working from 2-3 days or months and earning more than 50k a day. They will keep taking money in the name of task, mistakes Credit score, tax , relief fund, risk control verification. It is just never ending until we realise its is too late.

  1. Yes ,I have lodge a cyber case but they are still active and asking for more money to withdrawl…police are not taking any actions

  2. If cyber crime will not support us then with whom we should ask for help.. Even i have filed a case but no progress yet

  3. Let God give you more strength to face this situation Fatima maam… Hope God will give you deserved success to you and your family in upcoming days.

  4. I have lost my 6 lakhs in this scammer website. It is really hard for me in my life, they are cheating very easily to the people. I have faced the problem financially and physically because of this website.
    No help——-

  5. Vishnu, what group you can make.. it’s not an easy issue to solve from our end. There are technically sound people, cyber police who can do something with such scams..

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