Skill lync is a fraud company

Name of Complainant Owais Sayed
Date of ComplaintDecember 31, 2022
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Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Owais Sayed:

I am Owais. On 13 December I got a call from skill lync sales person (Praveen Kumar) regarding the pg program of data science. I told him that I have already done a data science courses and have theoretical knowledge of it. So mentioned him that I just need a job. He got this point that I m unemployed and started calling me daily 3-5 time. And then he brain washed me that recession is gonna hit and u won’t be able to get a job for 1 year bla bla bla. Till 21 December he some convinced me to take the course which costs 120000. And told me u have to pay only 5455/month for 22 months. I told that I m unemployed and don’t have any fund to do the course. My dad have completely disagreed with the idea of taking the course. But he was forcing me so much to take the course and calling me with different number when I was ignoring his calls. So on 21 December I enrolled in the course by paying 5000. Then he told me to submit documents for loan. I didn’t know that the loan is third party loan by eduvanz. I told him that my dad is not going to give his documents and I m unemployed so we gonna do the loan process. But he was so desperate for me to take the course that he told me to tell a lie that I m employed and earn 13k/month. I submitted the documents and did the process. But luckily I got 2 job offers within 4 days after taking the course. So I immediately told them to cancel my loan and give my refund. But didn’t co-operate and told me about the refund policy. Told them that when I was registering I was not told about the policy and the sales guy was dictating me on the phone how to pay the amount and he didn’t even let me read the policies. I told them that you guys have not spent a single penny on me, I have not started the course yet neither have I attended any orientation. What the problem in cancelling the course. But this company just wants to sit and eat money to unemployed kids. I Have also explained the same condition to eduvanz but I think they are also involved in this because how can a company senction 120000 to a unemployed person with 0 credit score. Please see to this matter if anyone can. I m just a lower middle class kid and won’t be paying 120000 to a company for nothing.

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Skill lync is a fraud company

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