Scam for me about 44000

Name of Complainant Naeem khan
Date of ComplaintApril 18, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Naeem khan:

got a random message on whatsapp asking for me completing task which will pay me inr 50. For 3 days they gave me around 100 tasks of simply adding things to cart and they paid me around inr 3000 for that after 3 days they started giving me prepaid tasks and gave me profit of 30% on inr 6000 and 3000 respectively. But the next day they asked me to pay inr 5000 which i paid and they said i lost it and if i wanted it back i need to pay inr 15000 more and i paid them again. Afted that they told me i have made some mistake and i need to pay inr 20000 more which will settle the whole amount for me and again i paid them because on the telegram group there were more people who were doing the tasks and getting paid so i thought that i made some mistake. At last they asked me to pay inr 30000 more and complete the settlement for which they will pay me inr 89000 but again they said that i made some mistake and i lost my money atlast they asked me inr 60000 which i didn’t have and i lost total of inr 55000 and after that they blocked me and i got to know about the fraud. I still have their links and in that link there is balance of inr15000 i want to withdraw it but i don’t know how can i do

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