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Name of Complainant Rarang
Date of ComplaintApril 29, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Rarang:

I joined a money making site under Amazon mall rebate. I was given a link by a lady on whatsapp to join. She instructed me to auto grab and complete my tasks in order to withdraw my commission. The tasks went on to where I had to deposit money in order to complete them. I deposited a total of R39 000 after all the tasks. When it was time to withdraw, they told me that I had to pay another R2300 for tax in order for my funds to be released. All I want now is the money I deposited, nothing else.

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One thought on “Scam alert

  1. Hi my complain is this 1 lady invite me to do work online I joined then I get R28 from mall then again she gave me task to do and she said complete the task after you can withdrawal your cash..I did I recharged my account first R1700 then R3000 now R10260 now she said again complete 1 more task I don’t have enough money now my all money is finished..I want my money back please help me🙏

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