Saying as taken legal action against me

Name of Complainant Abhijeet Nishad
Date of ComplaintSeptember 25, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Abhijeet Nishad:

On 04/09/2020 i received a message in whatsapp claiming they are from the nvp technology. They asked me for my resume, mail id and voter id and i sent them thinking they will evaluate me for the job. After some time they called me on cellular network but as my jio service was poor they called me on whatsapp. Then they gave me a google drive link and instructed me to install a non google play verified app which i came to know after some time. They asked me to enter my phone number on the app and gave me an otp over call
To enter. Then they very cleverly asked me to write my name on the app’s signature section. They asked me to do that so that they could get my signature. But i only write my name and myat’s not even my signature (But they are using it as my signature) later i asked them why you people require me to sign on an app when i can write on paper and send you a photo. They didn’t give useful information then. I asked them about the registration fee and they said that you have to fill up 1000 forms in 10 days with 90% cut off. I asked what if i can’t
Maintain the cut off then they said if i can’t maintain the accuracy i have to pay 5500 as
Registration fee. But if i do that i will be given 20, 000 rs and 5, 500 will be deducted from that 20, 000 rs. Then they said hr is going to call you and she will ask you if you agree to pay the fee or not, and told me to agree because that fee will not be taken from me. They just told the candidate about the fee so that the candidate sincerely does the job and does not leave. As said by them i told the hr that yes i agree. But about 6 minutes before i agreed an email was sent
To me with an agreement form and my sign which they took before was attached to it. The rule and regulation and almost everything written on that form, was not told to me. Everything was hidden. It’s a company’s policy that a candidate must read the document written on paper and after that the candidate will make a decision and sign the papers. But
Nothing like this happened. They attached my signature on the form without my knowledge. At the time of taking my signature on that app i was not told that they will attach my signature on the agreement form. They were so clever that i didn’t know i was falling on their
Trap. And today an female advocate as told by the one who called threatened me to give the money or they will take legal action in court.
They are asking for money and if don’t pay they taken a legal action.
Please help me !!
Abhijeet Nishad

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4 thoughts on “Saying as taken legal action against me

  1. keep calm again they call you say them that we will meet in court ask them to come with their legal document like pan card GST no if they provide you pan card no first verify it on google dnt pay a single penny to them and remember none of the company will call you on whatsapp

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