Requested to new sim on behalf of existing sim which has 4G issues. Airtel outlet need once again supporting documents to issue the sim.

Name of Complainant Babu Raghavan
Date of ComplaintMarch 15, 2019
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Babu Raghavan:

Hi Sir,


Myself Babu Raghavan tenured customer to Airtel – Mobile & Digital Serves.


I have primary account mob number : 9845934570 and child account number : 9880507155


Both Accounts is an corporate account and primary account is using more than 10yrs and both connections taken in Airtel Outlet, Infosys Campus B47, Hosur Road, Electronics City Phase1, Bangalore – 560100. While taking primary account have submitted all required documents and for child account submitted all required documents.


Past 1 year using Smart phone and Sim card which supports 4G.


1st Time : There was an issue with the network where my Phone automatically changes to mode “Emergency Call only” and there was no network in my phone. I won’t be able to communicate both incoming and          outgoing calls. Once I switch off and switch on phone network will be there.

Requested to Airtel Outlet Infosys campus B47. Executive checked in system and said you are using old sim card this has to be replaced with latest sim card. Checked my mobile has done some settings in my phone and said if issue comes again need to replace the sim card.

2nd Time : Same issue connected Airtel Outlet Infosys campus B47 again. Executive has done some changes and resumed network.


3rd Time : Same Issue on 3rd Oct’18 connected Airtel Outlet Infosys campus B47. They said I should go for new sim card instead of existing sim card which is damaged.


First requested me to provide Aadhaar. I said there was supreme court judgement Aadhaar proof is not mandatory for Mobile connection.

Second Airtel executive requested me to provide Photo and Address proof. I was wearing my Infosys ID tag requested to take as a proof which has my photo, my name, my employee ID, company name and Address. Airtel     executive rejected and requested me to provide Government photo and Address proof. Treating like new customer to Airtel where I need to follow the steps once again which I can’t accept.

2 times I have submitted Company and Government supporting documents to have both primary and secondary connections.

Why can’t they check those proof in their system get it verified with me to issue new sim on behalf of damaged sim.


For the same issue first time called 121 spoke to front end lady executive and I have requested to connect senior supervisor. Connecting to senior supervisor was work in progress call got disconnected which is not acceptable.


Second time called 121 spoke to front end male executive requested to connect senior level and he has connected to floor supervisor. Floor supervisor taken inputs from my end and after 30min called me to my mobile and said I have to submit mandatory documents to get new sim card on behalf of damaged sim card. He can’t proceed further.


For the 2 calls I haven’t taken SR details hence again called 3rd time to 121 requested front end executive to connect senior level. Mr. Kishan – Senior level spoken to me taken inputs there was conversation happened in between us. In that conversion Mr. Kishan mentioned if you failed to submit the documents will consider you as fraud and immediately will stop services from my end at this moment. When I responded to Kishan is the way to speak with tenured customer that time he mentioned he has given as an example.

Finally he wanted me to submit supporting documents to get the sim on behalf of damaged sim and when I asked SR number he said it is not considered as complaint hence SR cannot be given.


4th Oct’18 called 9972534865 – Nodal Officer – Ms. Sara – explained all my experience with Airtel and here also I should provide supporting documents to have new sim on behalf of damaged sim. I have not accepted to provide supporting documents and requested to provide SR number. She has not provided SR number and gave some number “2810415331” as an reference.


My question :


What is the problem in issuing new sim card on behalf of damaged sim?


If my request is for new number ready to submit required documents in this case my request is not for new number to provide the documents. Hence won’t submit supporting documents. To issue new sim card on behalf of damaged sim Airtel executive has to collect my existing supporting documents in their system get it verified with originals from my end.


Requested for existing number 9845934570 by same Person Babu Raghavan in same location Airtel outlet Infosys campus B47 and working for same company Infosys.


Is the way to treat tenured Airtel customer??


As a customer I should not get network issue further if this continue service provider has to resolve the issue.


Requesting to treat my concern on priority and provide solution at the earliest.

Image Uploaded by Babu Raghavan:

Requested to new sim on behalf of existing sim which has 4G issues. Airtel outlet need once again supporting documents to issue the sim.

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