Refund of defected Samsonite Bag (already submitted with Samsonite)

Name of Complainant Rabbani Tariq
Date of ComplaintDecember 7, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Utilities
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Text of Complaint by Rabbani Tariq:

While I appreciate your willingness to assist, I must emphasize the importance of seeking a refund for the defective bag. Unfortunately, the bag’s quality issue has inconvenienced me significantly and also led to screen crack of my Ipad. I’ve attached images of the bag. Considering the circumstances, I kindly request your support in processing a refund for this purchase amounting to 26000INR.
Your assistance in resolving this matter promptly would be greatly appreciated. I am unable to find a suitable replacement of the bag and further they are asking me to pay additional amount on the type of bag available now, i therefore request for a full refund

Image Uploaded by Rabbani Tariq:

Refund of defected Samsonite Bag (already submitted with Samsonite)

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