Part time job Fraud Investment by Sheridan Clements

Name of Complainant Kirti Kalra
Date of ComplaintOctober 17, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Investments
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Text of Complaint by Kirti Kalra:

At the beginning I was approached by a girl through Instagram for part time job, where we should give a like for media influencers. For each like they gave 10 rs. At the end of the day I received 100 rupees. Next day they told me to approach one of their staff through telegram account, now for each task they gave 50rs, it went well on second day. At the end I earned 200 rupees. On 3rd day they told me to attend prepaid task where we have to pay them 1000 and in return they will give 1300. And video tasks continued, in the middle of that have to do prepaid task. They arranged a group of 3 members, with 2 prepaid task. For each task I paid 1000. And I received the amount to bank also. I totally believed them. At the end of the day, again formed group of 4 members. For first task it was for 3000, 12000 and for last it went to 70000 because of one of the members. And suddenly one member made a mistake in task and account got locked. They told all of the members to pay 80000 to get unlocked the account and again 100000 to do task. After the task they told me to pay 30% for tax payment from our own pocket. When I asked for payment, now they are saying to activate the VIP account to receive the amount, if not they will transfer the amount to angel foundation. Still arguing with the same. When I asked members who worked with me in group task, they told me that they received amount after account activation. They even sent me the message they received, upon checking I came to know that account no, imps reference numbers are same for both members.

Address of company when I asked
Devi Poonam:
Is a partner company of Sharechat/Binance

K K:
Your head office

Devi Poonam:
Address: J-4, Sector B-1, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110044
City/City: New Delhi
State/State: New Delhi
Zip/Zip code: 110044

Members are involved mentioned below
Approach me 1st
Solanan telegram
Sheridan Clements telegram
Shaik Sadia telegram
Devi Poonam telegram

This is binance login

Account which I have paid the amount

account no – 50100626754421
ifsc code – HDFC0002039
accnt holder name – Basistha deka
Saving account
Hdfc bank new account

Acct no: 377901000370
Name; Ch Ramadevi
Bank: ICICI Bank
Ifsc: ICIC0003779

Name :- Anurag Das
A/c No:- 10073249130
IFSC:- IDFB0020151

Kindly look into the matter and resolve this issue at the earliest.

Image Uploaded by Kirti Kalra:

5 thoughts on “Part time job Fraud Investment by Sheridan Clements

  1. ohh.. thanks to u all who have posted this before i cud really fall for this.. i kept questioning them on what it really is and how it works and they shared this address wid me which i googled and landed up on this page.. thanks again

  2. I also got scammed by them.. But I paid so much here.. I am clue less what I have to do.. I don’t know what I have to do.. Intentionally they grab me in to this.. I can’t find before they are scammers.. Pls any possible pls help us..
    Or else pls stop them..

  3. Gooys ,
    Be beware of this company and message. I got message from same company and i got 250 rupees today. Then i searched their name and suddenly i read this scam. I can’t understand why those people got punish ? There are lot of people are traped these kind of scam. Actually thank god to save from this company and that you who file compliant against their scam.

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