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Name of Complainant Asil
Date of ComplaintNovember 19, 2022
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Category of complaint Tours & Travels
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Text of Complaint by Asil:

Those who cheated by saying that they will give you double the money left by saying that it is a tour travel job

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135 thoughts on “Omega tours

      1. Sir, I am also victim of the Omega tours, but as you said they will not allow you to withdraw
        Even when you deposit the premium amount and finish the set of task?
        Is this happened to you,
        Kindly if you can share me your case,
        I am seriously thinking to take the legal action on this company,
        Pl reply if you read this

      2. Even if u pay all tasks one person had posted they will ask for 50% deposit money
        Another person posted they told him his account is illegal so they can’t deposit back .

        One John desouza who says he has withdrawn is a member of the gang
        They post reassuring messages so that people believe

      3. How same happened to me also…………
        I DOING Legal action is to be taken against this company…..

    1. Sir, I am also facing this I have also invested huge amount of my life savings, can you suggest the way to get back my hard earn money
      I will be grateful to you lifelong
      Pl revert back

      1. Bro I send it your guys complaints to OMEGA Group they told you are fake people and missuses that Group please tell me whose fake?

      2. Hi sanjiwa kumar i faced same problem i taken from Neighbours sooo… my money is stucked did u get money back if it u get money back means let me know please i will also get money back please.Ur from please reply me

      3. They told me we will give parttime job so u can earn 1500 to2000 to then like that done to me l lost more money if u solve ur means let me know please how u solve ur problem

      4. They give me 800 rupees as initial amount in Bank. And girls on telegram constantly massage me for deposit money but I denied every time. Now I will not give a single penny to them.

      5. All are fake profiles . They are just one or two people having multiple telegram accounts with fake stolen profile pics.
        They sweet alk using ” dear ” and keep assuring returns but don’t even start . Don’t pay any deposit , u will not get back as deposit money will increase and then u won’t have money to put to get back ur initial deposit and then all money locked / gone/ lost
        They will never give back

      6. I m also a victim of their fraud they took my 10k plz help me out how to get my money back from these fraudant.

    2. Hi, I am also the victim of Omega tours and travels, like Mr. Asil
      Can anyone provide the contact detail of Mr. Asil?

      1. Suppose to happen but GOD grace I denied paying 10k to them even I’m making averness to others but earned 838 rupees I request all victims to oppose others to make same mistakes

  1. People will keep scamming untill there are people who are ready to get scammed , why don’t you use basic common sense , who gives you profits in hours or days . Not even stock market guarantees , requesting all of you please don’t waste your money on such apps.

    Thank you

  2. Sir, I am also facing this I have also invested huge amount of my life savings, can you suggest the way to get back my hard earn money
    I will be grateful to you lifelong
    Pl revert back

  3. If you people had invested and completed the task you could have withdrawn the money right with completing and saying its fraud is not good i have a very good experience from this OMEGA i have invested and completed all the tasks and also withdrawn my money several times and now also i am doing the same and earning good profit.

    1. It looks you are also agent and earned crores rupees as commission and all agents are now disappeared when i am sending message to them in group and do not cheat the people by replying like this. whatever you will say no one will trust and complaint is definitely filed against these cheaters. If they are trusted, then why customer care does not reply and why they change URL to access frequently. It is very Buls hit company. Please do not trust on these guys. Our hard-earned money is sucked and don’t know when will get back. look will not let this guy to digest our money. OMEGA TOURS / CTM is very big cheater

      1. Yes Naveen..they are cheaters.
        I lodged complaint in cyber crime..but it’s waste.
        I too invested 1.3 lakh in CTM

      2. And i am so surprised that even after number of complaint registered against them still they are active and cheating people everyday

    2. If you could withdraw, why not others?
      If someone could not top-up, whay happens to the previous top-up premium paid already?

      1. That money is locked / gone / lost . They will not give back .
        They say it’s all in the rules on the webpage and u didn’t read it

        There are naive people who have taken loans to complete 30 tasks just so they can withdraw their deposit money , but even after that, that platform cheated by saying u have to pay 50 % more as security deposit to withdraw.
        How can anyone support that platform?
        Clearly cheating people .
        Anyone who says they have withdrawn belongs to that gang .
        Please don’t trust .

        They use multiple names without numbers in the group, they are just same person replying in various numbers .

        Using fake profile pics , using female names so people will trust , texting reassuring messages

        Once u enter ur name and phone number they will Google you , find ur background if available with their hacking software , also know ur financial statements/ status and accordingly make premium tasks appear faster and make u pay more

        Don’t even start .

        If started don’t deposit more , accept the loss when it is less otherwise u are definitely bound to loose more .

        Don’t trust anyone who says u can withdraw , don’t trust the deposit receipt they pair in that group , all fake , to make u believe that u will get ur money back .

        They will never let u withdraw after the first 1 or 2 rounds of tasks , especially if / when deposit amout is high .

        This is a sincere post to prevent anymore people from loosing hard earned money

    3. You are also members of that fraud group list person who have contacted me through telegram all accounts showing in telegram are deleted.
      Now what you can say about that

  4. Sir, I also Facing the same issue. First they provide me trial bonus 10000 amount and prove a one task in 30 assignment and after I completed that task I got 800 commission this communication I withdrawaled it my bank account then after few day they told me you can invest 10000 amount and renew the task and I invested 10000 amount and this amount added successfully in my Omega app and I proceed the task but after some time upto 15 task I completed and my account automatically freez and my balance also showned in negative amount. Urgent I informed to customer care they told you got premium means you will get 4x commission and you can again deposit 10000 for complete that task but I not reagain invested 10000 amount because I not trust again. I think they make to people fool. Please refund back my money and give me justice

      1. But how come as they were giving so high negative amount and there are lots of people who are suffering and some people’s are those who completed and not able to withdraw as they said there bank have some issue.

      2. False information .
        Even if u complete all tasks by depositing even1 crore they will not let u withdraw
        Then they say pay 50%as security deposit
        Then they say ur account is illegal so can’t give back

        Stop with whatever money u have lost already

        They will promise saying last task , just 2 more tasks and make u deposit more money
        U will never get back your money from them

        Better complain local cyber crime police than national portal

        Keep calling customer care numbers if line goes through

        But don’t put more money thinking u can withdraw

        All persons saying they withdraw are saying lies to gain false trust

        Don’t believe

        Don’t put more deposit than u have already put .

    1. Same thing i happened to me,
      As of now deposit morethan 1 lakh for two premium tasks, again got the third premium asking to deposit 4 lakh but refused it, need to finish five more tasks to complete the set,
      Not ready to deposit much amount so refused to deposit, please help me to get my one lakh back.

      1. Even if u keep depositing , u will get more premium tasks and even if u reach 30 tasks ,it be increased to 35 and even if u deposit till 35 tasks , u will not be allowed to withdraw
        They will.say u have to pay 50% amount as security to withdraw
        What a scheme that platform has created by trapping people and money can never be withdrawn

        Stop with this loss ..don’t believe when they say last step , just 2 more tasks etc , at 30 task they will give u a huge negative balance .

        Please don’t go there .
        Stop with whatever loss u have , arranging more money to finish will never work , don’t get loan don’t borrow money to finish task .

        Stop where ever u are , accept this loss or definitely u will loose more
        I have gone upto 40 tasks but still they won’t let me withdraw, asking 35lakhs more as security deposit.

        Don’t trust wat they say . U can never withdraw

  5. I also faced the issue and was cheated up to 6 lakh now they are asking be to depost 4.5 lkah to with draw. and i have logged compaint on them Just because of yes bank Our indian Govt or RBi cant do anything because Yes back Current account are created with fake documents and they with draw as the amount is deposited.

    1. Could you Pls let know where you filed complaint and is there any possibility to get this complaint resolved? what is process to go for such complaint ?

    2. Hi vinod garu did u get back ur money now my money also stucked with them 5l they are also asking me deposit 5,20,000 u got premium task so i didn’t pay they r not giving my money back so if u get back ur money means please let u now how u got ur money back reply me please

      1. Don’t pay anymore money .
        U will never get back .
        They will keep showing premium tasks and never let u withdraw.

        Take peace that u lost 5 lakhs

        I have lost much more taking loans thinking i will.funish i can withdraw everything
        But they are asking 30 lakhs now as security deposit to even withdraw

        So don’t believe when they say u can withdraw once u finish

        Don’t put anymore money

      2. hopes…u won’t get ur money back. I lost 1.3 lakh… asking again to invest 2.12 as premium bonus top-up.. so i left in btw… felt as scam and complaint in cyber crime.. ..i seriously don’t of hopes of getting money back

  6. This is the fake Customer Service number +91-8971621764 of this illegal network that I had captured through a screenshot. Can anyone track and get hold of this number details??

  7. I also got trapped by this company. I have deposited 165000 Rs and I am at task no 21 and they suddenly changed the URL from: and this url is not opening and to complete 30 tasks in one set they are asking to deposit 332000 rs as premium task. I want this my 165000 rs without any commission.
    Now customer care and agents are not replying. I am going to file cyber complaint against this company .

    1. Same thing i happened to me,
      As of now deposit morethan 1 lakh for two premium tasks, again got the third premium asking to deposit 4 lakh but refused it, need to finish five more tasks to complete the set,
      Not ready to deposit much amount so refused to deposit, they’re not ready to refund
      Please help me to get it. Back

    1. Please don’t connect with these frauds and spread awareness through Face book, twitter and linked in, Instagram about this Fraud / scam so that there will be no further victims. we all have lost hard earned money. Request you all to please spread awareness using screenshots about this Fraud. These are registered on telegram without contact number and fake id. after you deposit, they will disappear and no will reply.

  8. hey Guys, Thanks for informing before going into the trap i just read the comments you said and then had a chat with the girl named Aashvi/ Keer Nira (9366743989). I had paid a trick and recived the amount of 843rs from the first bonus and then after that she told me to add 10k which i refused.

  9. Guys i to lost my money of 180000. Please if any body as taken action please help me invested all my money here . Even my pf money and settlement. Pls support

    1. I had reported to cybercrime no repy from thier side…only complaint regarding and gives complaint number.
      No hope to recover money i also lost 60k

      1. It will be eventually transferred to ur local.cyber crime police station.
        They will call you. And an FIR has to be filed with all the evidence of transfer u have .
        U can do so urself with the acknowledgement number from the national website .
        Either ways the local cyber crime division will only proceed

  10. Please spread the awareness through social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) and also linked in. Post this complete history with required screenshots to save innocent people to become victim of this omega tour / ctm frauds . They have digested crore rupees of people in sake of this premium task what a Buls hit and frauds – and these are majorly operating from South and all are south indian guys . I have lost 1 lac 65 thouand only after earning 832 rs . After Every 15 days they will change the url to access the tasks .

  11. Has anyone got the money back I have lost 1200000 to them, I am a widow and struggling to survive it is a huge loss to me. I have raised a complaint in Cyber Crime. Is there any chance of getting back the money. Please help

  12. I joined recently with 4 days back and i lost my total amount of 2.6 lakhs.
    I borrowed 2 lakhs from friends with rate of interest and spent here to fill the negative task but at the 27 task again it’s asking to add 382000 to complete 30 tasks and then you can withdraw the amount.
    But this time I didnt made the top up and i requested many times to get back only my amount which i spent there but they said no.
    Whatever the amount i spent there that’s years of my efforts and hard work.
    Now i would like to file the case against them because like us no one can trap into their business.
    Friends let’s unite to file a case against them.

    1. Is it the same webpage ? Theomegatours?
      Sad that even after so many complaints here people are not googling before starting tasks .

      How else can we create awareness so people dont fall into the trap

      Mr suneel , pls don’t borrow any more money to complete 30 tasks , they will not allow u to withdraw.

      They will say the system upgraded to 35 tasks
      Then ask for security deposit .

      The customer care will say don’t believe rumours

      They will say anything to make u loose more money

      To get back wat we have lost we will somehow want to finish 30 ,but u still will not get back ur money

      Pls be careful and dont fall for their reassuring texts , saying just 3 more tasks , at 30th task u may get another primium tasks asking more deposit

      1. Thanks everyone for informing before going into the trap i just read the comments you said.Yesterday one girl named Smita sen contacted me through Instagram and sent a massage to earn Rs 800 to 1600 per day. Further she sent link to register and guide me step by step process. After completing my first task I received a bonus of Rs 850, then I ask about the withdrawal process again she guided me and I recived the amount of 800 rs from the first bonus. I was happy and after sometime she sent a message asking me if interested can do 3 more task for that you have to add 10k. I shows my unwillingness and i refused. Then she insisted me this is just a Deposit and you can withdraw the deposit and bonus after completing the task. I was planning to invest 10 k but now after reading all of the above message I am sure this was a trap. Thanks again for saving me.

    2. Yes, please do not do any task omega tour is big cheater when i posted on this forum then one of their memeber abused me why you are posting on this forum. Guys, please spread awareness through Facebook, Instagram, tweeter and linked in and help to pack up their fraud business they have scammed crores of rupees they are majorly south Indian guys using false profile pictures of smart girls. they are completely fake and doing this business using premium task

  13. Hi Mr. John Dsouza, if you seem that it is the legal platform to earn money then why you are not helping the peoples to return back their hard earn money instead of defending this fraud company saying it’s not good to say fraud???

    I Had a look of each member’s comments and each one of person complaining here about their stuck money, if you can get them help so do the return of their money and otherwise get lost from here, we all will take the strict against to all fraud guys.

    Thanks, Guys, for your complaining or comments of your experience which you shared here I was also on discussion with the Omega Agent since past 6 days but now I’m sure that it is the fraud group.

    keep in mind there is no shortcut in life to achieve the goals.

  14. I am also facing same problem, I have deposited 2.7 L now they are asking another 2.25L to complete premium task.

    1. Please don’t deposit any more money
      They will never let you withdraw
      Don’t believe wat they are saying
      I have deposited 60 lakhs and completed 30 tasks but they are asking more as security deposit

      They will never let u withdraw

      Accept this loss

  15. This Omega tour frauds are still active and doing their business. Even on Telegram whatever online job or thing come is unethical and mostly all are frauds with fake id and even telegram don’t respond once telegram will be approached for any kind of inquiry. Request to all please start creating awareness through social media, Facebook, Instagram, linked in as well (now these omega tours frauds are active on Instagram and doing their business).


    This is link is giving the same information of like CTM /OMEGA Fraud and where ED raid was happened. Hope fully CTM should also be treated like in this way. This is also video liking job, and they scammed the crores rupees. Please report this scam on So that strict Action can be initiated against these Omega tours / CTM Scammers.

  17. Hi Team ,
    Even I have lost huge money and they are asking me to deposit the negative balance .
    Any help please let me know

    1. Yes, the chance of getting the money is zero percent. and don’t trust anyone like you will be able to recover money soon. Only option is just report on and file police complaint in cybercrime branch. Please don’t share your contact number in this forum as it can lead to some further frauds and people will start pinging you on WhatsApp. Whatever is lost in omega tour / CTM please accept and don’t trust on the customer care of CTM (2 more task then you will be able to draw) it is complete Bulshit . Guys Please don’t trust anyone who claims that will recover soon. Just do your responsibility to report on and file complaint in nearest cyber-crime office

  18. Please stop where you are now and don’t waste your hard-earned money as nothing you will get from omega tours back, they will keep doing this fraud using premium task concept.

    There is other Fraud going by person name: V RAJKUMAR contact no [ 9986700587] From Bangalore, he is also doing scam. he claims to help you in recovery but don’t trust this people VRAJ KUMAR [ 9986700587] and immediately report this on Donot share your number on this forum, as it will lead to further scam by person like VRAJKUMAR and immediately report to cyber police. First block this Guy on Whas App and phone if calls you.

  19. Platform is now name changed to

    Please be aware . Do not deposit any money , you will never get back the money .
    They use all nice words and reassuring language but u will never get back money

  20. Hello Guys,

    New scam started that you would get whatsapp message from +1(330)333-4426 number that whosoever want withdrawl of frozen amount Please join @Suceess332 in telegram where they will share Phone pe screenshots of the person who got their payment from omega group. and they will ask you to share you UPI id and after that they will tell you that to get the frozen amount just Pay 20001 rs on one UPI id.

    It is also scam once you will not give any payment then continous spam calls from number: +9111-71322698 / +9111-71324315.

    Guys due to this omega tours other scams also started by person like:

    V RAJKUMAR contact no [ 9986700587] From Bangalore, he is also doing scam. he claims to help you in recovery but don’t trust this people VRAJ KUMAR [ 9986700587] . Please don’t trust on this person Rajkumar V as well . He is also part of this omega tour scam and will use people to earn money.

    Please stop where you are and don’t trust anyone. Nothing will be outcome as peoples are finding ways to earn money.

      1. Yes, it looks nothing will happen and stop sharing your Contact number here in this forum to avoid being scammed further by another person. Just accept the loss and move on with out trusting on anyone else as omega are still trying to do scam the previously scammed person using new technique of return and other scam by person like RAJKUMAR V .

        V RAJKUMAR contact no [ 9986700587] From Bangalore, he is also doing scam. he claims to help you in recovery but don’t trust this people VRAJ KUMAR [ 9986700587] . Please don’t trust on this person Rajkumar V as well . He is also part of this omega tour scam and will use people to earn money.

        Please stop where you are and don’t trust anyone. Nothing will be outcome as peoples are finding ways to earn money.

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