My total amount(7000+28000 INR) freeze & asking more amount(58000 INR)

Name of Complainant Rajavelu
Date of ComplaintNovember 13, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Rajavelu:

Day before yesterday I have whats app chat in the number 9691025004 tell his name Ritushree Boruah told me the rating task and earning money like parttime job. He told me to give the stars in google map and earning money. I believed him and then yesterday he linked me through telegram their official receptionist deviya agarwal. She told me to complete the tasks and earn amount. Then in 6th task she told me to invest 1000 INR and get to your earnings also. I did it and get the commission (1210 INR). Next task also for 3000 INR. Samething happened earned commission (3810 INR). Next task was 7000 INR. I haven’t that much of amount. So I started the task today(11.11.2023). 5000 INR only I had. But deviya told me to compulsory you have to deposit 7000 INR. Then I paid that 7000 INR also. These all investment and approved done by kunal sharma (Trading trainer, coinswitch). He make a group with 4 members(coinswitch VIP00355). 1st thing he told me the group to invest switcate 7000 INR and get 9800 INR( amount not credited). Suddenly 2nd investment 9800 has been invested by our group members. I chosen the wrong coin and made a mistake in a share. 9800 INR loss. The amount got frozen. If the frozen amount recover means you have to do the next 28000 INR. I was doing that thing also. I paid 28000 INR by my google pay with help of my friend. I completed it, Then that amount also frozen. Now Kunal sharma told the group there is 2 tasks if you pay 58000 INR all your pendings will be cleared. I pleased him to make me to help to reduce it. He told me to give the time and discuss with merchants. Then in the evening 30000 INR loan ill arrange it, remaining you have to arrange. But I beg him about my situation. Now I am asking about to deviya also. Both are told me to make arrangements and then withdraw the amount. This is the last task. You must do it. But I cant arrange it. I told them my situation. Now i checked in a website about them the comments are also very bad. So kindly make release the frozen amount. I dont want any earnings. Please make arrangements and give it to me sir.

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