My course cancellation include eduvanz loan

Name of Complainant Tharun Sanjay
Date of ComplaintSeptember 25, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Tharun Sanjay:

Dear sirs / madam

I’m THARUN Sanjay from tiruvallur in Chennai, Skill lync one customer approach to me higher study’s that’s course name is Data Science & Data Analysis. One day a customer agent from the skill lync company approached me and after getting information about my educational qualification, he told me about the post graduate education courses of the skill lync company. Then he told me to study Data Science course. After I asked I said I don’t want to join. Then I kept getting calls from the same phone number everyday. I took the call and said no many times. Then after two or three days I got a call again from the same phone number and I said I studied mathematics and I don’t know coding about computers and I disconnected him. After a few days he again asked me to study data science from the same number. Then I told him patiently that I don’t want to leave me. Then he asked if you have a degree in mathematics or not, because you are interested in mathematics, you can study coding in a simple mathematical way. Then he told me that after completing this data science course, we will arrange a job worth several lakhs of rupees for you. Then I told about my whole situation sir. My parents got separated due to some problems and both of them went separately to search for their new life. I spent my childhood wandering here and there. Now I have completed my college degree and I am looking for a job in my field and am living aloan in this community doing household chores and eating food. I don’t even have time to study the data science course you mentioned after quitting this job. I said that there is no facility.

Then you can study this course not only through offline classes but also through online classes. Now there are no offline classes due to Corona period. He said that interview classes will be given in future and because you are working, he said that we will give you online classes then I asked how much is the total fees for this Data Science course then he said the total cost of this Data Science course is two lakhs two lakhs but you have got an offer He said that you only have one seventy five lakhs. Then I said that I am living aloan right now, how can I build one for 75 lakhs, I cut the call saying that I am not interested.

After a month he called me after I didn’t like him again why are you approaching me I am a poor student you have changed to rich students and approached me I am a poor student and I can’t pay that much money. Then he told me that you just need to pay 8000 rupees as monthly EMI for 3 months only. After that you will be given an internship and for that you have to complete 60% of your studies and to complete that 60% we will support you and conduct excellent lessons in three months. After that through internship you can earn ten thousand rupees per month and you can study this data science course. Then I said I need time to work on the idea.

Then he approached me after a week and asked my preference and I told him I can’t study now. Then a month passed and one day he contacted me again and said that if you complete this Data Science course only, your life will change and your future will be good, I will support you, don’t worry, it is my responsibility to get you a job. Hearing that I also agreed to study Data Science. Then he immediately asked for five thousand rupees to pre book and I said that I don’t have money now. I said I would need two days to arrange the money. Then he told you that today if you pre book 5000 one day you will get only 75 lakhs and today is the last day. After a month he called me again, I paid five thousand rupees and pre-booked the Data Science course, then the loan approval customer from eduvanz, a bussniess partner of skill lync, contacted me and asked for my aadhaar card, bank book and photos. I asked why then they told me to buy education loan.

Then I told the person who contacted me about skill lync about what happened and he said that you can study this data science course only by taking education loan. Then he asked if you have pan card and I said no. Then he asked for my Aadhaar card image and I sent it. Then he said that he has applied for PAN card. Then a week later he tortured me to apply for education loan with pan card number. Then he and eduvanz loan approval customer took my details and if I didn’t have enough knowledge at that time they made a loan of 175000 lakhs on my bank within an hour.

I immediately checked the balance thinking that the money has arrived in my bank but the money did not come I told him this he said that it will not reach your bank. He said that this money will reach the skill lync company instead of giving you data science course full required knowledge and study then a job with high salary. He said that we will buy it. Then he said that your classes will continue from tomorrow. I told that I don’t have a laptop. He said that it will be given to you soon. They said that you can attend the classes in your free time. We have appointed a separate teacher for you and if you have any doubts you can contact them anytime. They didn’t give me live classes for one month. Then I asked hard and they gave me live classes for one or two months. I tried hard to complete the 60% percentage they said. I had many doubts but they didn’t fulfill our doubts. I have contacted my teacher several times and they have not responded to any communique. Then I called my teacher him. He told me that he can’t give you live classes anymore. He said that you have to study yourself. I also finished my work and came home and studied my data science course at the time I got the study. But I was not able to complete that time as the subjects were too many, then days passed but my study was increasing but I was not able to complete. They did not provide me with proper teacher support. It has been nine months and for nine months I have been paying 7955 monthly through EMI. I was worried about whether I should study by myself and spend so much money.

I have contacted my teacher several times but they have not responded to me. For some days my teacher said that it is not possible to give you live classes. Then I lost money without learning about it aloan. I was fired from my job. Then I told my teacher that I need interview classes but . They said it’s not for you. My teacher didn’t help at all. They broke the trust on skill lync and then failed to pay the EMI in September. I am living without this food and I am struggling and told my teacher and eduvanz loan customer care about this and told him the situation but I have been paying my emi continuously for the past 9 months I am not able to pay this month because I have been removed from the work I was doing but they are not accepting me daily. They became depressed. Because of this, sometimes my mind had some evil thoughts that prompted me to commit suicide. Due to this, I complained to Skill lync support email to cancel my data science course. I didn’t even see that much money in person but I became a debtor. If this money reaches my bank, I can return it myself. I was deceived by my small desire thinking that if I finish my studies without doing anything, it will change our lives. If there is any legal way to cancel my course or if you know any way please guide me sir. Sir, I humbly request you to take some action as far as you can against fraud skill lync education institute which has cheated me.

Justice for me 🙏🙏😭😭

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My course cancellation include eduvanz loan

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