Loan harassment

Name of Complainant Monisha
Date of ComplaintNovember 20, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Monisha:

I haven’t taken any loan from you but I’m getting back to back calls and messages as below. Please check it.
Important notice from the official, please pay attention❗️❗️❗️
Hello dear customer, your loan in *Hugo Cash* has expired, the remaining repayment time is running out, it will end today, please avoid overdue, overdue will be fined, more serious will be prosecuted by the court. Professionals will begin to contact your family and send professionals to investigate. To avoid causing you trouble, please pay as soon as possible. Now we are just kindly contacting you, without notifying other emergency contacts, please complete the loan kindly.(Important reminder❗️: Please reply as soon as you receive it, please copy the link and open it in your browser! Please must upload *12-digit UTR* after payment, otherwise the payment will be invalid❗️)
*Hugo Cash* download link

Dear Your loan number in Hugo has expired,please repay immediately to avoid serious impact on your credit. INDLAZA PRIVATE LIMITED.

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Loan harassment

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