Name of Complainant Riaz Ahmad
Date of ComplaintApril 18, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Riaz Ahmad:

Text of Complaint by Riaz Ahmad:

Dear sir I received a message on my WhatsApp number regarding online earning from ‪+27 61 185 7875‬ I asked her about name and company name she said she is Ayesha from Karachi she used this number as they have client all over the world and she is looking Pakistan. She gives a simple task on telegram and send me 300 Rs on jazz cash, she asks me to open an account in telegram and give me account to add is name @Sophie I added her and she added me in group where approx. 15 people were already added they share a picture of task they work from 9 am till 8 pm and we have to perform task they give task for certain time 1 task time is 45 mint, on day 1 I performed 9 task and got 1200 Rs and also invest 4000 rs and 5800 in return. After that on second day dated 06/04/24 I started normally but now they ask me to invest 12k I invested and send money to Sada pay account 4000 name sadapay
Sophie as I thought they will give me 5600 as per their profit but they ask me to continue to another task which is of 30k sadapay Jan Muhammad than I invested and send money to sadapay account but thanks they continue the task for 3rd I ask the people who are already there and investing more account they said they will give you amount after 3rd task I send 36k but a delayed the payment so on portal than transferred said 74k than said 156k for other task to saif ullah than other task 465k to different account and ssid its last but in final he said 535k to get 100% I didn’t got 100 credit point so I’m not able to withdraw my amount. I asked them what to do now they said take another task I ask this would be the last task they said yes I arrange the money and send in different accounts but still my credit points are 90 and they are asking me 535k more to get my money and profit back.
Total investment 743000/-
Initial contact # +27 61 185 7875‬
Telegram ID contact receptionist: @sophie
Telegram Teacher ID: @financialAdvisor Jordan Rogers
Telegram Accountant: @janani amanda
Telegram ID Investor :@riazahmad8577

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One thought on “LIANAX.TOP

  1. j’ai reçu un message sur mon numéro WhatsApp concernant les gains en ligne du +1 365 225 0669. Je lui ai posé des questions sur le nom et le nom de l’entreprise, elle a dit qu’elle s’appelait Fathima hikma de la société, elle a utilisé ce numéro car ils ont des clients partout dans le monde et elle cherche le Maroc. Elle me confie une tâche simple sur Telegram et m’envoie 30dh via virement, elle me demande d’ouvrir un compte dans Telegram et de me donner un compte pour ajouter son nom @EMILY. Je l’ai ajoutée et elle m’a ajouté dans le groupe où env. 30 personnes ont déjà été ajoutées, elles partagent une photo de la tâche, elles travaillent de 9h à 20h et nous devons effectuer la tâche qu’elles confient pendant un certain temps. La durée de tâche est de 45 minutes, le jour 1, j’ai effectué 9 tâches et j’ai obtenu 90DH et investissez également 400 DH et 560DH en retour. Après cela, ils me demandent d’investir plus j’ai investi et j’envoie de l’argent sur le compte de YASMINA SERROUKH RIB : 230640442627421102560141 de la CIH
    Après elle me demande d’investir plus si je souhaite obtenir le gain sur les 1000dh que j’ai déjà envoyé chose que j’ai refusé, ils commencent à insister mais en vain j’ai resté sur ma position du coup ils m’ont éjecté du groupe
    Premier contact # +1 365 225 0669
    Site Web :
    Réceptionniste de contact Telegram ID : @EMILY et @leanna
    Bénéficiaire : YASMINA SERROUKH RIB possédant un compte à la CIH MAROC (230640442627421102560141)

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