LED TV not received from Kandla Customs Telegram Channel against full advance payment made

Date of ComplaintJune 5, 2020
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Category of complaint Electronic Appliances
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Text of Complaint by SUBHASIS CHATTERJEE:

Myself Subhasis Chatterjee, S/O- Dilip Kumar Chatterjee, Age-40 Years, Address- 24, Brambhan Para, Behind Kona High School, Kona, Howrah-711114, West Bengal.

I am a regular viewer of Telegram app. For last 1.5 months I am receiving notifications from ‘Kandla Customs’ for purchasing of Electronics Appliances in offer prices in the Telegram app. I used to igone the same, but unfortunately 30the May, 2020 I have seen some offer on LED TV 55″ of Rs. 4500. Such an attractive pricing of the products I never seen and started chatting with the administrator named as ‘Anand Kumar’ regarding the purchase.

I have enquired about the authenticity of the products and Anand Kumar said through mobile chatting that he is an employee of Kandla Customs, who used to run a side business through the electronics products like cell phones, camera, LED TV, Laptops etc. He can offer the low prices as because he has appointed as inspector of the products which are coming from abroad and he managed to keep some of these products showing as damaged, and run side business as this way. But the products are OK as he will send.

I was lusted by the offer that I express my view to purchase of 55″ LED TV of Samsung and that person asked me to pay online first and then provide him my address. Then also he forwarded me a number as “MD BARIK 8695401672@ybl” for Google pay. I have send him the screen shots after paying the same along with my address. He recognise the receipt and send me a challan of Runner Courier along with a docket number where he again claim Rs. 3780 for courier charges. When I asked him if it is possible to give courier charges as POD, he denied and asked to deposit as advance as he has to pay the courier then and there. I have also asked the date of delivery at my address, he said it will be delivered on 04.06.2020. Again I paid the courier charges of Rs. 3780. In total I have paid Rs. 8280.00

Then I have checked the docket online where it was showing the status as RECEIVED. I enquired him about the same and then onward he stopped responding. Today afternoon he has deleted all conversation or texts of chatting between him and me. Today was the last day to receive the material, and I have not received the same. 

Fortunately, I have taken all the snapshots of our last conversation, and attached here for your perusal. It is clear enough that I have been fraudulent by so called Anand Kumar as well as KANDLA CUSTOMS, GUJRAT. I should not trust any Gujrati, and these Gujrati communities are genetically fraud likewise Nirabh Modi and others.

I sincerely request to investigate my aforesaid complain and seek for the justice. I also request to refund my total loss of Rs. 8280. Please help. 


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7 thoughts on “LED TV not received from Kandla Customs Telegram Channel against full advance payment made

  1. Hello,
    I have also fallen in the same fraud with same person you mentioned 8695401672@ybl MD Barik. Telegram channel group name was “Blair’s Custom”
    This person is from West Bengal not from Gujarat. I was supposed to receive the order on 8th Jun 2020, but today he deleted all the history on telegram and unfortunately I dont have any screenshot of it. I seem to be hopeless and lost 11000 Rs to him. He is not responding to any messages now on telegram, seems to have blocked. He even deleted the telegram group where he posted all the offer deals since 2 months.
    If you find any information regarding thus, please do share here.

    1. So there are many persons who are victims and many are culprits. One Mr. Ganesh Singh customs is currently looting many persons. I also got into this trap. He has taken all the hard earned money and not responding. Even my conversation with this cheater will get deleted sooner or later.
      After taking away the money, they don’t even respond. Just read our messages and which does not make any sense to them.

  2. Dear Mr. Ankit,
    I think, both of us will not received any information on this. As per your statement was concerned, I’m sure the Government officials are also in this conspiracy of fraudulent. If our protectors became the culprits, who will take care of us? These motherfucker bloody Government inspectors/officers are being paid on our taxes and make their extra money in this way. This page of complaint is nothing but an eyewash, thus no one whom have been fraudulent, won’t get back their money. The system is fully corrupted. I’ve lost my hope in this.

  3. Am one of the victim, falling for such thing. Who will take action on them? Is it really useful writing here. As i observe the number in the groups are increasing. Definitely this is not 1 person who is handling, they are big team.
    The UPI number i got was 7587932674@ybl

    1. There are many such theifs. You can go to expresscourier.in and you can find many people getting trapped.
      Paytm number with MD Barik name is given.

      1. Is there no way we can get the amount back. Today 22k subscribers in the group ..how do we at least notify the new users who are still getting trapped. I know its our mistake after watching everyday in the news that do not fall for such offers still we went ahead and got trapped.

  4. Dear Sir,

    Their is this guy/rouge/fraud/b…… anand kumar from kandlacustoms who informed that he will deliver mac pro book for 4500/- and i have paid him as he insisted immediate payment since then that fraud anand kumar has not been responding to my msgs in Telegram. My sincere request to cyber crime team to track this fellow and not spoil the name of others working.

    Please put him behind bar and teach him life. I see there are so many people he has conned and cheated.

    I am sure that bas…. through some fake accounts will be observing these complaints. He will soon be taught a lesson and be behind bars

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