Large Taka Loan App

Name of Complainant Rohan Nayak
Date of ComplaintSeptember 17, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Rohan Nayak:

Hello Madam/Sir,
So large taka aap available in Google Play Store is giving instant loan but the thing is it is asking large repayment in short period of time.

I downloaded the aap and the checked for loan ,l gave details of my pan card , aadhaar card ,also photo.
Now I have not chosen the loan amount or period to clear my debts but it gave loan amount of Rs 2000 .Now it transferred Rs 1200 to my account and within 7 days ie by 20 th sep 2022 I have to pay Rs 2014.
I applied for 2000 rupees,got 1200 rupees and I have to pay rs 2014 ie more than 800 rupees.

Before they disburse the money I sent them mail not to disburse it but they still disbursed.

Please take action against it .

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7 thoughts on “Large Taka Loan App

  1. I availed loan of Rs. 3500 from Large Taka, instead with 10 minutes of approval, more than Rs. 51000 rushed into my account, I immediately sent an E-mail to retrieve it back, but nothing happen. I got myself a ridiculously high-interest loan which i did not ask, and now I who seeks for financial help, found myself in debt of Rs. 39,500 to be exact. I requested them to wait for a few more days, instead they started to threaten me, my wife and my son. They even show me the photo of my son and my wife. Someone needs to do something.

  2. I have apply loan from Large Taka app but without any tenture or agreement they just transfer it in my account for Rs.1200 and they charge very high interested for Rs.2000/- in just 7 days now they are harressing me by giving calls and scaring me for uploading my dirty photos on social media.

    1. App developers please dont help them to create this kind of financial criminals. Cyber crime department should take some action on them. Loan taka is playing every middle class and poor people. This is scam. If no one suffer from large taka anyone should take some action .

  3. Fully fraud. Loan taka has cheating many poor and innocent people life. They are the most different burglars. Please help the middle class people and also they can access the people mobile contact and they are threatening who have been taken loan from them. Many people will for that please close the application.

  4. I am taken loan from large Taka of 4000 and they credited 2400 in my account. Now I am twice repay loan but again and again they called me for repayment. And also send me edited naked images to my contact people.

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