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Name of Complainant Mahendra Kumar
Date of ComplaintSeptember 2, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Mahendra Kumar:

A few days ago I got a call that I am talking to jobxSwitch Company, our company gives money for giving rating from Google Map in hotel restaurant and also gives you commission for completing 21 tasks, sent me a link of Google Map Corrected and I got 200 ras in my account after which I said yes to work. Started doing tasks from the next day in which there are 1 to 21 tasks, there are 3 data tasks in which you have to do something like trading by sending money to them, there are different categories of money. I did 1 and 2 data tasks and I got commission. Also the money came into the account, I sent 10000 in 3 data tasks in which I was supposed to get 18000 commission, after getting the payment, I did the payment and did the task, then my account got frozen, then the frozen account has to be repaired and they are asking me to send 38200 first. The name of this site was and now it is

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      1. Same happen with me today… Are you from Delhi? then we can together registered a compalin agains them.

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