Harassment calls to my contact

Name of Complainant Shanmugam Matheswaran
Date of ComplaintJune 22, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by Shanmugam Matheswaran:

Yes I have taken loan from mpokket. It’s 150 days past for overdue of loan. I don’t wants to pay there amount. Bcz it’s not registered nbfc under Rbi. After strict restrictions given by Rbi and Cbi.
These fraud lending app mpokket is harrshing me and hacking all contact no and also harrshing thm. Thy are charging higher int.rates .please I request Rbi to take serious action against mpokket. Close this app permanently.in mail thy are sending me legal notice letters and saying thy ll send letters to me sling with all whom I contact with.

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Harassment calls to my contact

One thought on “Harassment calls to my contact

  1. Yes it’s real estate based company and how they can give loan to loan to students?? Must involve @ED into the case have a strong awareness and rules in online loan apps ,must check each and every app present in Play Store or remove all those apps from Play Store at once.

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