Name of Complainant ANIL KUMAR GUPTA
Date of ComplaintMay 23, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by ANIL KUMAR GUPTA:

Dear sir,
There are four unauthorized transections (1500×2+6000×2) today via Paytm wallet mode. The credited amount is in the ICICI (IFSC CODE: ICIC0DC0099). These unauthorized transactions were happed today between 9:10-9; 20 AM.. Therefore, I am requesting you to please freeze the bank account linked to these transactions (list enclosed).

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  1. Same fraud ,same paytm names ” Received money from” same banks ifsc codes to which money is transferred , for me it was on 15th august 2022, amount was 75000 Rs.

    why cant the system catch them ? why does paytm allows such fake ids on ,Is Paytm or anyone in system getting their Cut from the thieves ? how can such a nexus continue for so long ?

    clearly they can be blocked on the IFSCs by contacting the local banks . Its going on from quite some time and the same criminals are duping many people on daily basis .

    why are they not being caught ? Am Sure our Cyber Police is much smarter than them , then why no action is taken .

    1. Received your money?

      Same happened to me 11000 rupees payment was done to the same IFSC i need help please

  2. The same IFCS has been used to UPI payment for Online purchase. (Website name-

    I have ordered watch online price-1799 but they have delivered a low quality watch worth 200 rupees or may less than that. This website doesn’t have return process and no customer contact details

    1. Same happened with me for online purchase from website I order and product is not delivered and website now deleted. IFSC code ICIC0DC0099

  3. Same happened to me. Same IFSC code – ICIC0DC0099. I lost my money 4400rs. I lost my money after booking the IPL match ticket… The fraudulent name was Tech-edge…

    Name : Tech edge

    Account No : XXXXXXXXZORP

    IFSC Code : ICIC0DC0099

    VPA : techedge895.rzp@icici

  4. Same happened to me. Same IFSC code – ICIC0DC0099. I lost my money 20000 rupees. Directly debited from my phone pay

    Name : mobikwik

    UPI id: OMBK.SDAABU07480@ICICI-ICIC0DC0099-312364690925

    IFSC Code : ICIC0DC0099 .

    1. Hi Ravindranath. same with my. I was paying Mobiwik zip money back. the 18842 rupees is credited to this account holder only on 5th august.. just now i raised the complaint with Mobiwik. i paid from Mobiwik only where my bank account is linked too.. in that case, Is Mobiwik the real culprit who creates fake bank accounts linking UPIs and playing all this bloody games with innocent customers??!

  5. I made an Asianet Broadband Payment through Asianet Online Payment Portal using Google Pay for Rs. 531.00. Asianet claims they didn’t get the payment. My Bank Statement says the amount was credited to ICIC0DC0099 315652234189

  6. It looks like no action is being taken against this account : ICIC0DC0099
    today I made my credit card payment through gpay and the amount was credited in this account, when I checked it was sbicreditcardpayments.bdpg@icici-ICIC0DC0099
    Lost INR 5000

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