Fraud from VR enterprise

Name of Complainant shivani singh
Date of ComplaintJuly 24, 2020
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by shivani singh:

Recently i was searching for a work from home type work then i registered myself in Quiker app. Then i got a call from vr enterprise on 14/07/2020 from 7211120646 she told me abt 700 forms in 7 days in which 630 should be corrected. Then they will give me 14000/- after deduction 4700/- from my first salary they didnt talk abt that if u fail then u have to pay 4700/-. After 6 days i submitted the work after rechecking it twice they messaged me within 4 hours to check my qc report. I took 6 days to complete and they took only 4 hours. How it could be possible????? Then today 24th july 2020 they started calling me from 9512951661 and told me that they will file a case in my location police station and in cyber cell too. If i pay them 4700/- in 10 min they will dismiss my case and free me. I am literally tensed. Could anyone tell me what to do?  Even she gave me legal notice from whoever adv  Minhaz. Pls help and give me guidance….

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4 thoughts on “Fraud from VR enterprise

  1. V R Enterprises is a complete fraud. they are fooling people on grounds of legal stamp agreement which is not a legal stamp paper. a stamp paper has a validity of maximum 6 months and also it must be signed by two witnesses which is not taken my fraud V R Enterprises…so dont pay now to this cheater. they are already under police surveillance…in very short time they will be in lock-up. It a gang of looters working in a single room in such remote areas…not sure of Vapi….pretend themselves as court officials or advocate n all fake people. To protect you from such fraud and get your money back, I will give you perfect advice….contact me at –

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