Name of Complainant TUTUMONI HANDIQUE
Date of ComplaintNovember 28, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by TUTUMONI HANDIQUE:

Respected sir/ma’am, Myself  Tutumoni Handique and I belong to Assam, North East. Due to this pandemic I was searching for various job in various field online. I got a call saying that he is from REQROOTS TECHNOLOGY and my resume got shortlisted for some captcha entry job where I have to complete 10000 captcha in 10 days. I simply agreed and sent my adhar card for verification and the agent told that I will get a call from head office for verification where I just have to agree to work and say yes and that’s what I did. After 2 or 3 days I got my log in ID and password, I logged in and started to do the work. Then I couldn’t able to check the records how many I have completed so I tried to contact the agent who assigned me for the work. I tried to contact the person for two days but he didn’t respond. So I stopped working and then suddenly on 27th of November,2020 I got a mail from the company’s legal department saying that I have to pay some pending payment amount or else they will take legal actions. I explained them everything but they were not ready to understand the situation. Then I requested a call from them since I didn’t have their number and the who assigned blocked my number, I spoke to them and on call also I explained everything but they were not ready to listen,later they cut the call and immediately I got a mail saying that they are going to file a FIR against me. I didn’t respond to that mail and then I again got a mail where they have mentioned the payable amount which was higher than the amount they said before. And they have attached the agreement where the sign was definitely not mine. Then I checked the name of the adv online and I can see so many complaints against him. Please take some actions against these type of frauds ASAP.

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