Form filling online job company fraud

Name of Complainant Sudheksha Rajaram
Date of ComplaintAugust 13, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Sudheksha Rajaram:

Good Afternoon Sir/ Madam,

I am Sudheksha Rajaram, on July 2020 I received a random call from Unique solution asking if I’m ready to work for them for form filling job which was for 10 days and they sent me a apk link in my mail asking me to install the app and before even asking me to go through the agreement they asked me to write my name on a screen which is not my official signature. After this they asked my adhaar card copy for registration.Then there was a username and password given to me thorough mail in which I was asked to work for ten days completing 1000 forms in which unique number, name, contact number, postal address, monthly salary should be filled copying the image given there. I did complete the work in ten day and submitted it. Adding to this I have screenshots of all 1000 form that I did complete. After 2 days of my work completion, I received my QC report failed and a call from so called advocate asking me to pay the penalty threatening me stating that person who fails to pay the amount will be charged a case against them.

They mentioned Rs 5500 as the penalty amount in the agreement, but the problem was they asked me to pay Rs. 7089 as extra charges for which I was given only half an hour to make my payment. Once after the payment I was asked to send the screen shot and asked to copy a message that they sent me and send it back to them. Here I have attached the the message that I copied and sent.

I R. Sudheksha declared that I have cleared utility and maintenance charges/ Legal charges to the FORMFILLING company Rs 7089/- on date on 11-08-2020 for my mistakes and also I agreed that I have no objection in future towards the company

Completing this then I again had a call from the same advocate asking me to continue the work for next 11 months and they also implied a rule that next time if the qc fails the independent contractor ( which is the person who is agreeing to work) should come there to Gujarat and pay an appropriate amount of Rs. 150000 for which I denied and asked them to terminate my agreement and the account for which they stated that the independent contractor must pay the amount of Rs. 25500 for the termination which was not mentioned in the agreement. For this termination of the agreement and the payment I was given only 1 hour of time and was also threatened for the payment if not I was asked to come there to Gujarat to the facing the consequences. As I am a UPSC aspirant I was scared that it would affect my career and made the payment within 45 mins assuming that I will get rid of this problem. They sent me a message which I have to copy and send them again. I also gave the same message here.

I R. Sudheksha declared that I have cleared utility and maintenance charges/ Legal charges to the FORMFILLING company Rs 15500/- on date on 11-08-2020 for my mistakes and also I agreed that I have no objection in future towards the company

I R. Sudheksha declared that I have cleared utility and maintenance charges/ Legal charges to the FORMFILLING company Rs 5000/- on date on 11-08-2020 for my mistakes and also I agreed that I have no objection in future towards the company

I R. Sudheksha declared that I have cleared utility and maintenance charges/ Legal charges to the FORMFILLING company Rs 5000/- on date on 11-08-2020 for my mistakes and also I agreed that I have no objection in future towards the company

After this process I wanted to know if the procedure is done, but unfortunately no. I was told that only 90% of the process is completed in the termination. I was again called up and asked to come there to Gujarat to sign in the documents for the next consecutive six months I tried explaining them that due to COVID no one will be allowed anywhere their response was “that is your problem ma’am ” Then I enquired them about the digital sign option for which they asked me to pay Rs. 18120 . I felt stupified and I asked them the reasons for me to pay the money they threatened me again for money for which I was saying no and and they stated the a police case is being opened here in the court and I have to come there to Gujarat for the futher procedures.

Inspite on telling me that only 90% of the procedure is completed they sent me a mail that your agreement has been terminated and there is no objections between company and you in the future. This was done only after I say I am going to sue a complaint against them in consumer complaints.

Then again the next day I got a text message from BH-SMSHLP stating that I’m penalized under Indian penal code 420 for performing an action of fraud and agreement breach. The message also stated that under the act 73,74 a report of the complaint will be sent the address within 72 hours and the message also had a mobile number to which I have to contact a public prosecutor who the same Advocate who contacted earlier.

I did contact him after Reasearching about the company completely through which I found it’s was a FRAUD company and asked them about the address and the details for which he stammered to answer and also said that I’m going to sue a case ma’am so you can do what you want I replied them do it.

Note : the date I started working was 29th July 2020 but the date mentioned in the agreement was 08 January 2020 on which I was a minor and was not eligible to sign a agreement officially according to the Indian Constitution.

Every numbers which they called me was spamed in truecaller for your verification I attached all the numbers and the screenshots of all the details.

I) 8866059183 – advocate

II) 9054540029 – advocate

III) 6359548997 – the person who called me first

IV) 9909901359 – helpline number

V) 8866059183

VI) +919099023285 – NOC

So kindly do the needful as soon as possible. Kindly please help me get my money refunded or the steps that I have to proceed with.

As I couldn’t submit all the screen shots I will submit it if needed.

Image Uploaded by Sudheksha Rajaram:

Form filling online job company fraud

16 thoughts on “Form filling online job company fraud

  1. Hello friends, if you passover in such a data entry company, then share all your things with us once, because here some people are giving their numbers also, people who are taking money in the name of advices, beware of such people and some Frauds people have spammed my number, so you must join us, you can see our number in the last 2 years.
    Contact my whatsapp number only 9389654777

    Satyamev Jayate

    1. आज ही मेरे साथ ऐसा हुआ है वो लोग किसी advocate से बार बार कॉल करवा कर मुझसे पैसे मांग रहे हैं please कोई मुझे हेल्प करो please

  2. Bro enaku thoothukudi nenga intha problems la irunthu velila vanthutingala please bro solingen.
    Nanum ithe mathiri problem la than irukan. Company name pearl services . Antha agreement same than company name and address than different. Please bro solunga ippo problem solve aaita athuku ena paninga

    1. I also facing this problem??? Did the problem solved??? What to do next??? What are the procedure??? To avoid them

  3. I also have the same situation. They threatened me to pay penalty and maintenance fee 7100. I payed exact amount in only half an hour. The next day advocate associate shikha patel called me and said i have to pay 6100 rupees. If i didn’t pay the amount they will file a complaint against me. What do i do now

  4. The exact thing happened with me too, without letting me see the contract they added my sign on the agreement and before I knew I was informed I am in contract with them for eleven months, and somehow I called to cancel it the next day, they said I first have to finish the work in my account and then I’ll be able to leave now they have labelled my forms inaccurate and now an advocate is keep on calling me and sending me legal notice over the email and threatening me to take it to the court as well as charging me around 1 lakh, please help. They are really costing me my mental health I am in constant fear, the guy who contacted me first and didn’t inform me about the contract is Patel +91 6357 123 079 and the advocate who called me and threatened me 86571 59118 , 976 540365, the company name is Silicon technology based in Gujarat. They first misled me about the agreement, didn’t inform me about the spaces used in the forms and by declaring my work inaccurate they are constantly asking me to pay 7100 RS. Please help me out. They are really pestering me. I have taken the screenshots of the chats etc.

  5. All these scams have one thing in common. They all originate from Gujrat. Makes me wonder are all of them belonging to one single gang. Don’t pay them anything. They don’t have the guts to go to Court because they simply don’t exist as the company they represent. Next time they call give them a piece of your mind and they will stop bothering you.

  6. I’m also facing the same problem ,if someone get any response please say me the company name is Westor technology ,they get sign and my photo ,aadhar and made a agreement without my presence and took my photoed sign and now an advocate saying to pay the amount and saying that filed a case against me in the court and also threatening that they will involve my family. please provide solution to that.

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