Finwell legal services

Name of Complainant Thabiso Matlakala
Date of ComplaintOctober 30, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Corruption
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Text of Complaint by Thabiso Matlakala:

I was contacted by Marry from finwell legal services and she explained everything and before I could sign any papers R3000 was deducted from my bank in August and recently in October after I tried multiple time to cancel the debit order as my bank can’t. The person I was talking to Marry has since stopped responding to my calls and texts. I have tried by all means yet they haven’t given me my money back.
Their once off service fee of R689 is fine but R3000 per month is too much for something you don’t know of.

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Finwell legal services

2 thoughts on “Finwell legal services

  1. Hello i joined finwell legal services on november yet we agreed they first month they will deduct R658 but they dectued R658 and R1500 also R89 and mind u i called them on november early to cancel the agreement due to i am nolonger working but still they deducted my only left penny without thinking twice now when i call the team that helped me they no longer answer the phone an still i get sms from bank that finwell still want to deduct R1500 lucky enough i changed my bank account otherwise this scamming people would still be bleeding me dry so i ask for help what can i do …

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