financial fraud case, by naming part time job

Name of Complainant narasimha rao Yaddanapudi
Date of ComplaintMay 11, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by narasimha rao Yaddanapudi:

I am facing a big financial fraud case, it started on the 3rd may by sending a WhatsApp message from this phone number +1 ( 234) 267-3258 and asking me join a part-time job and asked to subscribe to some youtube channels and giving 150 rs and then ask to join in a telegramme group Telegram (
INDIA 1164 ittisa Part-Time Job

and from there they wanted to participate in group tasks with rs 5000 for getting rs 11000 after paying it continued to many tasks and for each task, they asked for money by 45000, 1,80000 and I told them at one time I do not have money to continue then they told me they can’t get money what i paid and asking take loan form outside for paying next task money for getting 1800000 rs

but I have not believed them and I found many other people also suffering like this so I complain to rescue us and also recover from this financial fraud

and hear I am attaching my telegram conversations and payment to them all attached

thank you in advance and waiting for your kind help and support and recovery of my and others’ money from these fraud people

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2 thoughts on “financial fraud case, by naming part time job

  1. Did you complete all 4 tasks, I have paid 93300 till now for 3 tasks and now the 4th task is the last task they told me, where the amount is 165000. So I haven’t paid 165000 for the 4th task but they are assuring me that this is the last task after this you will get all your money back with the interest (profits).

    1. Man I am also scammed around 20k in the name of lucky order by saying it increase with larger commission but I sttoped in second order what to do now

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