Doa Cash Loan App Scam

Name of Complainant SRINIDHI
Date of ComplaintMay 26, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by SRINIDHI:

Dear Concern,

I have downloaded some app and i have just gone through the details and i have added my details after that it offered me to avail the loan amount of Rs/- 3850 so i didnt wanted that so i ignored it aftersometime i have received the amount of Rs/- 3850 in my upi which i have not applied for it happened on 14th may 2022 today 17th may one of their loan recoery person the number (87318191617) which only works for whatsapp… he is ordering me to repay the amount of rs/- 7000 i dont know why like this lots of people are suffering and they blackmail us like they will hack our contacts and call them….
so it is requested to take an action on the same.

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5 thoughts on “Doa Cash Loan App Scam

  1. Dear sir,
    I was in a need of instant loan. I saw an advertisement about this DOA cash loan app and I downloaded it on 20/05/2022. To go through this app it needed photo, bank details, pan card and adhar card . Unfortunately I uploaded it. After few seconds without any agreement and taking my permission they send me 3800 rupees and asking for 7000 in return by 26/05/2022. I tried to contact them and find a mail id I sent some email to connect with them but got no reply and on 19/05/2022 one number whatsaap me that if I want to pay the loan without penalty charges And from 26/05/2022 I am receiving so dirty message from different numbers and they threat me that they will send my edited nude pictures to my family members and contact numbers . They already started sending message to my relatives saying that I am a loan fraud and I am running away from loan. But I am not. Please save me. They are mentally harrassing me. Thank you

    1. Same happened to me also..also registered a complain also exactly same amount….and asking money in whatsapp only

      1. Same Happend with me. I mentally disturbed. As I also pay their amount. But still they harrasing me. Pls do something & save us

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