data entry fraud- Austin advertising private limited

Name of Complainant Sarah
Date of ComplaintJune 12, 2021
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Sarah:

I saw the advertisement in the google ad. when i entered the website its looks very genuine.  i joined in the plan 2 data entry job for 19900rs. within 2 hours i got my work in mail.  In the website they said like company is registered 22 years back and geninue . but the website is developed only before 2 months. (march 2021). Actually they created website in the name of the old company which is MCA registered and doing fraud activites by getting money from the people in the name of refundable registration fees. i lost 19900rs.

Image Uploaded by Sarah:

data entry fraud- Austin advertising private limited

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13 thoughts on “data entry fraud- Austin advertising private limited

    1. Me too scammed by this company..Paid 19900 on May 26th..June 16yh they told they wl credit the salary for the first project and assign a new project..Now they are not responding to mails nor call..The phone number says it has been stopped form taking incoming calls..Why are people playing with emotions, time and energy..Worked very hard to complete the first project…More than the loss of money I am mentally upset to come across this kind of frauds being done…Is there any way to stop these kind of frauds and save more innocent people being trapped like this…

    2. yes, I also has the same complaint, now they are cheating by using another website named “”

  1. I have also invested Rs.19900.00 as security deposit and completed the 300 pages of work within 10 days. No response to the emails sent – its a fraud company

  2. I too applied for 19900 plan 2. Submitted work on time. First they replied their employees are affected with Covid and they would give refund and work payment after few days. After that when I contacted them they never replied back. Fraud. Going through mental trauma.

  3. I also paid rs. 19900 plan 2 reg. charges on June 2nd 2021 , work completed and uploaded on 26-06-21 but there is no payment of work and refund of deposit fees of Rs. 19900 , till the date , and there is no response thereafter ,now they are cheating by using new company website using this link

  4. I want to file a police complaint and fight against this company. I want to sue them and get back our 20k as well as the money that they promise to pay us. There is a bank account in their name and a company registered under indian gov. They can’t get away with this

    I registered with them on 24th June. When I checked online for fraud. I couldn’t find your reviews then.
    Only today I submitted my assignment of 300 pages, all the ” Will, dobson, charlene, marjorie, Insight ” I poured my hours into it. I had a thought that told me to just check the website again, when I googled I find all your comments.

    I paid 20k plan 2. My last submission date was 25th of july and my payment date is 28th of july.

    The below link is also created by themselves. The comments are seen dated 2020 but on crosschecking I found that the website itself was registered on 2021 april.

    I want to take action. I am ready to lawyer up and take action, I have my payment details, I have all their communication screenshot. We have their bank account number too.

    mail me at :

    I feel grieved. These people should be put in jail

  5. Unfortunately authenticity could not be identified with the kind of details they ( provided on the website. There was a picture of a person too and the Corporate Registered number (CIN).
    Very sad that people are coming with such wrong intentions and misusing the need of job seekers.

    I lost 20k too. My assignment was submitted on 25th April and they have been playing the fool since then stating their team is badly affected with Covid.
    I request consumer court is able to nail these guys down and punish. It is not just for the lakhs of rupees they stole, but they also have our bank account details and identity proofs.

    I urge all of you to write to godaddy on on this fraud too, so they can do their best to protect such dishonest people/domains. Please also ensure your bank accounts have minimal or no amount so we can safeguard any misuse of them.

    I feel dishonored to have entered into this mess and losing money. I thank the person who initiated this complaint so others will learn.

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