Cyber fraud by Big scam and multiple bank accounts involved in extortion and money laundering

Name of Complainant Chandan kumar
Date of ComplaintFebruary 23, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Chandan kumar:

I was approached by the Telegram team for giving feedback about hotels, resorts on daily task and earn for each feedback, then make small deposits and get 40% returns, after 1-2 transactions, they asked to deposit more and then blocked the account. And then asked to deposit more to unblock else I would lose all money, and so on and now I have Rs. 7,81,976 stuck in the deposit and I can not withdraw. They are still active and just shared another bank details to deposit 2,30,000 to unfreeze the account and that after this deposit I would be able to withdraw all 10,11,976 all together. Till date my all amount including the promised wedges and task salary is approx 64,12,203 ++ ( including 40% promised return per day )

Please help me to recover my money

People & links involved:
URL vertification:
Teacher: Dived Raman @Specialist_Dived, @Specialist_Divend,
Receptionist: Ansuya Modi @Taskpuub_Ansuya14503,
Finance: Rama Gokila @asddre_sdfer123987,
Task specialist aarohi @SpecialistAarohi8

They have sheared multiple bank accounts and upi which I have attached in pdf . I request to please take a strict action against above fraudulent people. They are completely involved in extortion and money laundering. Cheating with people and making them helpless. I request you to please help to recover my money from them. Thanks

Image Uploaded by Chandan kumar:

47 thoughts on “Cyber fraud by Big scam and multiple bank accounts involved in extortion and money laundering

    1. I’m facing some problem now ..just got to know about your complaint. Now they are saying while doing payment remarks were not entered that’s why they are not be able to open an account and asking to do a phone pay payment of 2 18000 rs so that they will release whole amount..

      1. Have you got any solution. Plz help me also to get my money back else I will completely destroy. Plz share your experience and help me.

  1. Same thing happen with me and I have also stuck a huge sum of money and each time they promise they will transfer but some error comes !! Have you been able to recover the money ? Is there no way we can recover it ? I am a single mother and and they are treating me so bad I have two kids

      1. No. Not yet. Every time they are making excuses.

        What they are saying to you. Plz tell me in details so we can make some way out

      2. Initially when dealing with small amount I got my money back !! But I traded in big amount and made some error in trading and money got stuck and each time I made a blunder my money got accumulated!! Now they are saying as it is a big sum I need to open a big chain to withdraw the money and this will be full and final and after that I can remove my entire money !!

      1. What happen with you ? What was you reason of not withdrawal of funds ? They have asked me open a channel for this transaction and then one time withdraw all your money. What’s your story ?

      2. They have hold my money and asking to pay unfreeze amount of 480000. Then I can withdraw my all amount together. I am scared. Let me know if you receive your full withdrawal. How much your total amount stacked with them. Are they giving. It’s difficult to trust them.

      3. What channel ?? I think it’s new game. Are they trying to pool us in money laundering and fraud.

  2. Some one plz let me know. How to recover money from them. Everytime they are making new new excuses and accumulating funds. Not giving any withdrawal just demanding fund again again.

  3. They offered me job and took big amount in small small payment. When I denayed they started telling that after this payment you can withdraw total amount. Now my total savings are with them and again asking to pay tax , which is completely unfair, they are asking tax on total amount. They park all money on dummy account.
    Plz help me to withdraw. These people are seriously involved in big scam.

  4. Hi guys I have also lost 7 lakhs rupees in this my money is in their coin 778 account now they are asking me to pay 550000 rupees to get my account unfreeze and saying after that you can withdraw all your amount.

      1. Cyber Police can trace the transactions and get to the point where it is withdrawn. Not sure one can withdraw all in one go as it’s big amount

      2. Guys please share if there is any progress by cyber police on investigating the cases

    1. Not for me.. anyone else has any progress in getting money back. I see all the telegram account’s used by these fraudsters are deleted. Perhaps they may be doing this regularly

      1. Yes. They are keep changing the telegram id. I think they haven’t given money to any one.

        If someone got there money plz help others to getting via shearing there experience

      2. Hello All please help each other by sharing status so that we can atleast recover some money

  5. No any improvement yet.
    If any one got there money plz let me know
    I am facing big problems
    Scammers are not traceable

      1. Have any one get there money back

        Guys plz share status

        I m fed up with all legal processes

      2. I think no one going to get there money back because all the suspects accounts are either nil or cash withdrawal same time before filing the cyber complaint
        Funds are not available any where
        Even bank denied to compensate without any proper explanation
        All accounts are fraudulent or without proper kyc

        No any initiative by any bank to recover and compensation

        Please let me know if any one have any positive response from any where or hope for money recovery

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