Crom Technology blackmailing me to pay money.

Name of Complainant Thahiroonnisa
Date of ComplaintNovember 7, 2019
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Mobile Phone
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Text of Complaint by Thahiroonnisa:

Good evening.One day I got the call (7211178707)from crom technology,they said me mam we are providing part time jobs.If ur interested then we will tell u how to work,then i said okay sir.Then they ask me to send id proof,I send my id proof.They tells me that u should not pay anything mam.1st u have to enter the work mam then we are cutting 3000 from ur salary have to work for 10 days we are providing some video links for u.30 secs video links but actually they are not sending me the 30 secs video links,they are sends me the web pages links.In those links so many links are there I don’t know how to work i contact that person through watsup but he is not responding,I ignores that.Then now they mail me that i am advocate jaides u should have to pay the penalty amount.I said okay sir i am ready to pay the 3000 penalty amount sir,But i don’t know how to pay.your not intimate me before also just know ur intimating me sir and also your not provides any thing for me then how should i pay this i replied them.Then that person called me i received the call and he said that You should have to pay 3000+ 5500 case file charges i said as per agreement i have to pay only 3000 sir how u can say to pay that much amount.He replies me if ur not going to pay within half an hour i will file the case.Then u should have to pay 5,000,00.Arrange ur amount u should come to court and have to pay 500000 arrange it.Like this they are warning me and blackmailing me.these are all fake complanies.Which are blackmailing the persons and earning the amount.

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Crom Technology blackmailing me to pay money.

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