complant aganist trends hub pap

Name of Complainant pendam narendar
Date of ComplaintDecember 4, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Consumables
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Text of Complaint by pendam narendar:

I am writing to file a formal complaint against Trends Hub pap for engaging in fraudulent practices by providing incorrect and vulnerable products. The details of the transaction are as follows:

Date of Order: [29/11/2023]
Order ID/Invoice Number: [fnxd31078]
Product Received: [cotton linen shirt slim casual (pack of 4) ]
Courier Service: Blue Dart
Date of Receipt: 4th December 2023
Narrative of the Incident:
On [29/11/2023], I made a purchase from Trends Hub pap through their website for the product mentioned above. Upon receiving the product on 4th December 2023 via Blue Dart, I discovered discrepancies between the advertised item and the delivered product. The received item not only differed significantly from the description and images provided on their website but also displayed vulnerabilities that pose a risk to its usability and safety.

Issues with the Product:
[ incorrect specifications, safety concerns, quality issues, .]

Attempts to Resolve:
I have made multiple attempts to contact Trends Hub via [method of contact] to address these concerns and seek a refund or a replacement product. However, I have received no response or satisfactory resolution from their customer service team.

I hereby request the Consumer Court to intervene and take necessary action against Trends Hub for engaging in fraudulent practices and failing to provide the promised product or a suitable resolution. I seek [refund/replacement/compensation] for the purchase made.

I am attaching all relevant documents and evidence to support my claim. I kindly request the Consumer Court to investigate this matter and take appropriate actions to ensure justice in this regard.

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