Complaint aganist Space Dot Private Limited

Name of Complainant Keerthi Mol Prasannan
Date of ComplaintOctober 2, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Keerthi Mol Prasannan:

I am a pregnant woman and I applied for online job as I am not in good health to go out and work and have no money for expenses. I clearly asked the person who contacted me about the job if there was anything fraudulent about it. But he assured me 101 percent and he told me that if I take a one time membership in the company it is a lifetime membership and if I am not able to work, he can assign my work to someone else. I paid 2940 rupees as the person who spoke to me was a Keralite. I took the money as a loan from my friend. The company gave me the ID password of the platform to work through my mail. Later I contacted the person who contacted me about the work doubts and he did not give any reply. I started doing the data entry work as per the instructions given in the company interface. When I applied for the salary after completing the work, they rejected me and I got a mail saying that I will not get any more work. After completing the captcha typing work on it and submitting it, the payment was rejected for me. What I request is that please stop these online platforms that are taking such poor people into the pit of fraud.I also request that people who promote such companies just to get referral income should be stopped and legal action should be taken against them.

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21 thoughts on “Complaint aganist Space Dot Private Limited

  1. Hello All,
    I’m an UPSC aspirant and was looking for a part time job. That is how I came across Space Dot Pvt Ltd & I believe I got in touch with an individual named Akshay. I too got in touch with an so said employed called Akshay and was very persuasive in me making payment. I even reached in the brim of making payment that is when gpay flagged me this payment account as fraudulent. Post my refusal to make payment I was abused for the same. As I’m not able to upload an image I cannot submit proof of the same. We all look for any legitimate income source during this tough times, but people like these make it hard to believe the genuine in these lots. So it would be great for you all to find part time online jobs, which has proper online presence, legitimate physical office & if possible to meet them directly. Let’s make it happen to avoid these kind of people who prey of commoners.

  2. Recently I saw an ad in olx of space dot private limited, they claiming they are outsourced company to do data basis jobs getting from other companies. They asking 3470₹ for lifetime registration and only through referal person we join to get work, that means referal person getting ₹1000 from our payment. Applying for work also like a little task! When you get your work in your email, the real game starting from there! The provided username and password may not work while login, then we contact them by mail to correct it or referal person to clear the doubt, but mostly the referal fraud will not reply our queries. (The company don’t have even a contact number) after getting reply from company 1day may finish out of seven days, you starting work to complete before deadline. The given data photo may full of errors, mistake and questioning our common sense, but they don’t want to correct any mistakes, this only a taks which very complicated to fulfil. Somehow you finishing and sending by timeline, next is quality report! Result mostly you are failed! So you lose the money no more work! Goodbye to you welcome next one! Who is there to stop this fraudsters?

  3. Hello am Lavanya karthikeyan,msc psychology student. I recently contact a women who work in space dot private limited company.and I started work after paying 3500rs deposit to company’s bank That is how I came across Space Dot Pvt Ltd & I believe I got in touch with an individual named aseela sheji .after completing my job,I got a email that the company rejected my work.for thus I lost my money and and valuable time I spent to work with.and they also rejected me from next work .they cheated me and my money is lost.and the guide aseela Sheri who is very irresponsible to give guidelines after lost my payment

    1. It was a misunderstanding among me and my mentor. There is no issue with me and my mentor now.and company does not have any responsibility to this.

  4. I will share my work experience with Space Dot Private Limited company. After reading my experience, you can decide whether this company is scam or not.
    I am a housewife and through LinkedIn, I applied this data entry work in space dot company by seeing their ad. A lady (due to privacy, I would not like to share her name) contacted me by sending message in LinkedIn, contact her through wats ap for knowing their work. I contacted her and she give the details. For data entry, 20 pages to be completed within 7 days and for 20 pages, they will pay Rs. 4400 for each project and for captcha work Rs. 100 for 1000 captchas. I registered with Rs. 3930/- and started to do work. That lady is really helpful to clarify doubts in the work. In a page, there are 50-60 lines in each page (difficult to read due to special font). But I tried my maximum and through my hard work, I had completed my work and uploaded in the site within given time. Before uploading my work, that lady helped to check some of the pages and I believed her and submitted my work. When qc (quality check) came, I scored only 83% instead of maintaining 85%. Their mail came to me and mentioned that I’m rejected for doing future jobs and per page they pay only Rs. 10/- per page. While checking qc report, I found that majority mistakes come from that lady who helped me in checking, I informed her my situation and asked about, how this mistakes happen. She is telling that I don’t know how it is happened, it may sometimes internet issues like some excuses. She said that I can’t get future data typing works so she asked me to do referral works. If I refer some person (who is willing to do this work), I will get commission of Rs. 1000 per person. So put ads in olx and in other sites. See this scenario. Who wins here and who lost here. Here, the company got Rs. 3930/- as registration fees, the lady who recruited me got Rs. 1000 as referral bonus and me, who spend my sleepless nights into data entry work, make necessary checking and uploaded the project within stipulated time, getting Rs. 200/-(qc mistakes showed, that lady checked pages and asked me not need to recheck and I believed her.). You can decide, whether to join in this company or not.

    Please note, if there are registration fees for any data entry work, it will be purely scam. They will not allow us to earn. They will make us like buffoon by giving so many hopes, motivation and with helping mentality. Their ultimate aim is to scam. So don’t fall in their hands. Sometimes, your friends or colleagues refer you (because they are getting referral bonus), but not believe them blindly, research the company and choose wise decision.

    1. Yup here I didn’t get my QC report it’s been 2 months. Now I’m going to give complaint in police station for my compensation.

      1. This same person contacted you? What she is telling for not receiving this QC report…? Complaint them. They always put status like account transfer dated later ones but that are all their internal plays.They are still active and many sincere ones are included. Now scammers are in many forms…don’t trust anyone. So I leave my data entry interest here. I will give maximum awareness to others regarding this.

      2. There’s no problem between me and my mentor. We have talked about that and just made a solution for that. And we mutually agreed.

  5. Complaint reserved.

    There is no issue with my mentor and the company does not have any responsibility to this.

  6. I regret to inform you that I have raised an unfounded complaint against Space Dot Private Limited. It was a misunderstanding from my side and my sincere apologies for any inconvenience or confusion caused.

    1. My problem is not solved. This is a scam. No one should join this. Especially there is one woman called ASEELA SHEJI , and don’t join under her. She will make us cry. She drove me into depression.. She doesn’t know English very well. What she tells us is completely wrong. Many letters she says were wrong I feel I’m the one who corrected her. After that she says ” yes yes that’s correct.” My 7000 rupees lost because of her. Later I send her so many messages but there was no response. I wandered after her. She was very cruel to me. She has no humanity. At last she told me to write a good review on her help. I said no but she begged me. I said no I will not. That’s how all the reviews about her are made and seen here. So please don’t trust the reviews. They compells us to post good reviews even though we are rejected by the company. Please take action against the person who named ASEELA SHEJI for promotion this fraudulent company.

  7. Hello,
    I am Syam Kumar. I will share my experience with Space Dot Pvt Ltd. After my experience I understand that this is a scammer/fraud company. This is an online Data Entry Scammer company. I got their contact details from OLX website. I applied this data Entry work in Space dot Pvt ltd. A lady (due to privacy, I would not like to share her name) replied to me by sending message through WhatsApp. After contacting her she gave the details of work. For data Entry & Captcha work I need to register amount of Rs.3930. For data entry work consist of 20 pages to be completed in 7 days, they will pay 4400 for each project and for captcha work Rs.100 for 1000 captchas. I registered on 27-03-2024 with Rs.3930. After 2 days later they provide Username and password for both data entry and captcha work. After receiving login details i started work. The lady is very helpful to clarify doubts in the data entry work. In each page consist of nearly 50-55 lines, some words are very difficult to read due to special font. But i cleared the maximum words to the sending screenshot to lady and she clarified me the words. Before uploading my work, I go through the entire project 4 time for correction. Almost I cleared the correction and uploaded the work on 04-04-2024.After one day later, on 5th April 2024 I received Quality Check report from their mail: I scored only 83% instead of maintaining 85%. They didn’t check entire project. its shows the 1-7 pages report. Their mail to inform me that I am rejected for doing future jobs and they will pay only Rs.10 per page. I already mentioned about this to the lady. She told me that I not properly save the project that the reason this happened. I go through multiple times checks the entire pages before submitting projects. I can’t find these mistakes. One thing I am sure that from this scenario I was cheated by this company, and I lost Rs. 3930.When I register this company, the lady referred me to the company got Rs.1000 and my one-week time, spent for work for both data entry and captcha work is a total lost. Space Dot Pvt Ltd got Rs. 3930 as registration from me and the lady that referred me got Rs. 1000.The benefit is only for company and their agent. One more thing i have to mention. The company provide the username and passwords for both works. We cannot change the passwords. So, they can also access our project using the login credentials, they give to us. They can make as ineligible for future work and provide wages. These types of scammers/frauds will punish and take legal actions against these companies.
    So, I have a request to all users if any of company providing data entry work ask for registration fees before starting/ after finishing work, they are purely scammers. Do not make any payments for work. They will provide information and fake proofs for payments and transactions. They provide helping mentality that we are believe them genuine and trust them. Their only aim is to take money. So, everyone must choose wisely to start work.

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