Colive Scam

Name of Complainant Saswat Behera
Date of ComplaintSeptember 7, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Real Estate
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Text of Complaint by Saswat Behera:

I moved in Colive Palmer on 7th July, 2023. When I booked the Pg the lock-in period was 0 months and so is now as per the screenshot attached. Also, I got my agreement to sign when I completed 1 month of stay, that too when I got 2 payments options due to software glitch. So now I signed for agreement which I did not ask for and which was not mentioned while I moved in. So I raised a notice period for a date which was 1 month from the date I raised. While raising it showed that I will get my entire security deposit, but now they are saying things like I should raise notice period only on 1st of the month and should complete my lock-in period, where there was no lock-in period while I moved in.

Image Uploaded by Saswat Behera:

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